Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Woman Kills Hubby for Demanding 'Too Much Sex', "Camouflages" Crime by Putting Dead Donkey on Bed

Hmm. This must be the world's most incompetent criminal. Surely no one will notice anything strange if there is a slaughtered donkey left on the bed....

From Emirates 24/7:

An Egyptian woman who was fed up by her husband’s excessive demands for sex drugged the man before strangling him. She then slaughtered a donkey and put it next to him to cover her crime.
The woman left her husband’s body and the dead donkey on the bed for eight days before they were discovered by the husband’s grand son who came to visit them at their house in the southern town of Qena.
Newspapers quoted police as saying the 25-year-old wife, identified as Duaa, confessed to murdering her 57-year-old husband by putting drugs in his juice. She then strangled him while unconscious.
“The woman said she decided to get rid of him because he never stopped demanding to have sex with her…she slaughtered his donkey and placed it next to her husband’s body as a camouflage,” a police source said.

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