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ChroniclingHate's Blog Review of LoonWatch

The following piece is from a great site named ChroniclingHate. It is not a blog that focuses on the criticism of Islam. They cover all forms of hate. I'm reposting their original critique of LoonWatch here, but they have written much more since then.

A Review of Loonwatch

I thought I would enjoy Loonwatch; while I’m critical of Islam  the right wing anti-Muslim movement angers me. For instance take Robert Spencer who denies the Srebrenica genocide, supports Serb fascists and demonizes peaceful pro-Western Albanians and Kosovars on his crappy little website.  In other words despite Spencer’s efforts to paint himself as America’s pudgy defender he supports the same people who burned down US embassies and gave military information to Saddam to help kill American soldiers all because they share his hatred of Muslims.

Don’t get me started on the concept of ‘Islamicization’; it’s nothing more than classic xenophobia. I thought I’d enjoy a site that exposes these morons, but I was wrong. While LW has produced a few enjoyable articles the site contradicts its goals by supporting banal hatred.

Loonwatch Supports Islamism

Seumas Milne is a very (mentally) ill man, his greatest hits include; attempting to justify 9/11, praising the Cuban regime, cowardly mocking Iranian protesters from the safety of Britain, supporting the Iranian regime, attempting to white wash communist atrocities in a manner mirroring Holocaust denial, praising Iraqi terrorists and defending the ‘legacy’ of Stalin (Milne claims that it’s wrong to equate Hitler with Stalin). Loonwatch however jumped at the chance to post one of his miserable little articles.

“But it’s one that is constantly reinforced by politicians and parts of the media, who have increasingly blurred the distinction between violent and non- violent groups, demonised Islamism as an alien threat”

Milne and his Loonwatch following believe that it’s wrong to have a low opinion of a backwards racist, homophobic and genocidal ideology (Islamism). In other words to Milne and Loonwatch Islamist scum are not the problem oh no it is critics of Islamism who are the real issue.

“That’s reflected in the government’s targeting of “nonviolent extremism” and lavish funding of anti-Islamist groups, as well as in Tory plans to ban the nonviolent Hizb ut-Tahrir”

Behold, open support for a homophobic, sexist and anti-semitic hate group in an article that whines about racism; apparently the LWers are not big on logic. Note how they believe  that the hizzies deserve some sort of praise for not planting bombs,  civilized people are expected to be non-violent; Milne and LW will probably pen future articles praising Islamists for walking upright.

“Of course, anti-Muslim bigotry, the last socially acceptable racism”

Apparently Milne is such an intellectual that he can’t grasp the difference between race and religion; if Islam is a race I’d like Milne to explain the existence of white Muslims (Kurds and Circassions for example), African-American Muslims and Asian Muslims.   Besides does it get anymore repulsive than to invoke racism after defending a racist organization?

Not Exactly a race.

“But attempts to drive British Muslims out of normal political activity, and the refusal to confront anti-Muslim hatred, can only ratchet up the danger and threaten us all.”

Milne is attempting to equate Islamists to all Muslims, an argument similar to a classic fascist tactic; paint any criticism of your ‘movement’, or the group you write apologist garbage for, as an attack on the group you claim to represent or support. For example Serb fascists insist that any criticism or mention of Serb war crimes is an attack on “all Serbdom” while their apologists insist that people writing about the Bosnian genocide are “demonizing Serbs.” Loonwatch described Milne’s stomach churning hate rant as a ’great piece’; it’s nice to know that supporting backwards totalitarianism and bigotry is all it takes to be ‘great’ in the myopic eyes of the Loonwatch team. Another example of Loonwatch’s hypocritical self-righteousness would be that they tagged that article ‘confronting hate’, supporting hate would be more accurate.

Praise for the Racist Thug Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Turkey’s PM is a repulsive individual, apart from his support for Bashir and the Darfur genocide he denies the Armenian genocide, threatens to ethnically cleanse Turkey of Armenians, supports Hamas and believes in anti-Semitic fantasies about a ‘Jewish backed media.’ So how do the  Loonwatch bloggers (who claim to be ‘hate allergic’) describe him?

“That Erdogan, Ramadan and Ellison can even be mentioned in the same sentence as equivalent to, or even more dangerous and threatening to the West than Bin Laden speaks volumes about Pipes’ preposterous agenda. Would Bin Laden have Turkey make peace with Armenia as Erdogan did? Would Bin Laden affirm Democracy as the way forward to better governance and equal rights as all three do? Would Bin Laden pledge to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America on Thomas Jefferson’s Qur’an as Keith Ellison did?”

The hype about Erdogan making peace with Armenians is just that; hype, if he genuinely desires reconciliation then why does he deny the Armenian genocide? Clearly it’s nothing more than a stunt to get into the EU; a stunt that Loonwatch writers lap up like honey. There is also the insulting hint that Erdogan deserves adulation merely for communicating with Armenia, all while preaching anti-Armenian hatred, like Milne LW praises thugs for doing what they are supposed to.

“There is no genocide in our civilization. Our civilization is the civilization of love, tolerance and brotherhood,” he added, according to “Today’s Zaman” daily.
Erdogan followed a similar line of reasoning last November when he stated that the universally condemned massacres of hundreds of thousands of civilians in Darfur, Sudan were not genocide. “Muslims don’t commit genocide,” he said.
The Turkish premier did use the word “genocide,” however, when he condemned the deaths of several dozen Turkic-speaking and Muslim Uighurs during unrest in China’s northwestern Xinjiang region last July. “The killings of Uighur Turks by the Chinese police during demonstrations constitute genocide,” he said at the time. “I use this term intentionally.”‘exterminating’-turks/

Erdogan’s racism couldn’t be more apparent, to him the deaths of thousands of Black Africans isn’t genocide but the deaths of fifty Turkic Uighurs is genocide, one  has to wonder what color the sky is in Erdogan’s world (it must be a fun to place to visit if you’re sick of reality).

“The most condescending aspect to the vile piece from Pipes and what he ignores or fails to mention is that Erdogan, Ramadan and Ellison are Westerners. In fact, they represent all that is good about the West, they are consistent on their values, are educated, active and participatory citizens: one doesn’t have to agree with their beliefs or ideas to see the common values in that. They call on their fellow citizens to be active and educated and they foster understanding between different communities while also being self-critical; that is more than we can say for Daniel Pipes.”

I don’t know about you but I find the claim that an anti-semitic, genocide supporting, terrorist cheerleading racist like Erdogan represents “all that is good about the west” to be highly offensive. The article above is not only racist but condescending, Erdogan is not Western, he may wear a cheap suit but his not ideologically different from the mullahs.


Loonwatch’s hero has recently threatened to ethnically cleanse Turkey of Armenians:

“There are currently 170,000 Armenians living in our country. Only 70,000 of them are Turkish citizens, but we are tolerating the remaining 100,000. If necessary, I may have to tell these 100,000 to go back to their country because they are not my citizens. I don’t have to keep them in my country.”

How very interesting that Erdogan keeps an estimate of Armenians in his mind. His message is simple; shut your mouth about the Armenian genocide or I will complete that genocide. Erdogan thinks that only ethnically pure Turks can be Turkish citizens, which makes him a racist. Not exactly a surprise considering his denial of the Armenian genocide but Erdogan didn’t say that about Muslims so Loonwatch couldn’t care less. Isn’t it a bit much for Loonwatch to condemn Arizona’s xenophobic law while supporting a racist low life who boasts about ethnic cleansing?

Erdogan imprisons children just for being Kurdish:

“Hundreds of children in Turkey’s Kurdish south-east have been jailed for taking part in anti-government protests, and are treated no differently from adults. Berivan Sayaca, 15, is held at a high-security prison in Diyarbakir Berivan Sayaca is an attractive, 15-year-old Kurdish girl with black, wavy hair who loves horse riding and playing the guitar. She is also a convicted terrorist – serving an eight-year sentence in the high-security prison in Diyarbakir, the largest Kurdish city in Turkey. How she got there is a tale that could be straight out of Kafka, that exposes one of modern Turkey’s darkest sides.”

“All Kurdish protests are presumed by the state to be organised by the PKK. And membership of the PKK is a terrorist offence. Under the penal code terrorism offences apply even to young teenagers.”
“Berivan’s mother Mariam Sayaca is now staying in Batman, so she can make the two-hour journey every Monday morning to Diyarbakir for the half-hour meetings she is allowed with her daughter.  She says Berivan cries all the time, and begs to be freed. Neither of them can understand why she is there, in an adult prison surrounded by hardened criminals and PKK militants.”

Who is to blame for such anti-human tyranny?

“But it was the AKP which passed the severe anti-terrorism law five years ago.”

Of course I can understand LW’s praise of Erdogan; they share have so much in common, namely bigotry, hypocrisy and self-righteousness, Erdogan seems to live in the past (his heroes are the scum of the earth) hopefully someone will party with him like it’s 1683.

Did the Ottoman Empire ‘Embrace Change and Reform’?

A Loonwatcher by the name of Danios posted this piece of spew.

“Before the Great War, the Ottoman Empire united Muslim lands under one symbolic leadership. (Perhaps an oversimplification but it suffices for our discussion here.) It is interesting to note that the Ottoman government eventually stopped enforcing the punishment for apostasy and finally abolished it altogether in 1844, more than one hundred and sixty years ago.”

United? Try brutally conquered, the Ottoman Empire was not a  harmonious  tribe of Muslims, the Ottoman empire’s policies lead to revolts and secessionism among Muslims; such as the Bosnian uprising of 1831.

“It should be kept in mind that the Ottomans had embraced change, pushing what came to be known as the Tanzimat reforms, a drive to modernize the Islamic state to be compatible with the contemporary age. They abolished the jizya and dhimmi system; the Hatt-i Humayun of 1856 promised full legal equality for citizens of all religions, and the Nationality Law of 1869 created a common Ottoman citizenship irrespective of religious or ethnic divisions.”

What Danios fails to mention is the fact that the reforms came about mainly because of Western pressure,  that the Ottoman Empire had failed to keep up with Europe and that the reforms failed. In other words it was roughly the equivalent of a child who had slacked off in school desperately trying to catch up in the last few months or an abusive father being forced to treat his children better. Citing the Tanzimat reforms and the Young Ottomans (who also failed) is a poor defense of the Ottoman empire’s evil legacy, in fact it shows how backwards the empire actually was since Namik Kemal (who was exiled and imprisoned by the “tolerant” Ottoman empire for his writings) believed that Ottoman Turkish culture was inferior to European culture (18th century Scotland was more advanced than 19th century Ottoman Turkey).

“The point is that the Islamic state had embraced change and reform of their religious understanding.”

This is a laughable example of revisionism that borders on genocide denial; Danios fails to mention the Hamidian massacres/Armenian genocide 1.0 (which began in 1894, the Tanzimat reforms were over in 1876), the Armenian genocide, the Assyrian genocide and the Greek genocide. Are we expected to believe that the same empire that committed multiples genocides and inspired Hitler embraced ’change and reform’? Danios also failed to mention the Ottoman campaign of extermination against Bulgarians:

“That villages could be burned down by scores, and men,  women, and children murdered, or worse than murdered, by thousands, in a Turkish province lying between the capital and the scene of the recent excitements….” -William Gladstone
“Here in Batak the Bashi-Bazouks, in order to swell the count, ripped open pregnant women, and killed the unborn infants. As we approached the middle of the town, bones, skeletons, and skulls became more numerous. There was not a house beneath the ruins of which we did not perceive human remains, and the street besides was strewn with them. Before many of the doorways women were walking up and down wailing their funeral chant. One of them caught me by the arm and led me inside of the walls, and there in one corner, half covered with stones and mortar, were the remains of another young girl, with her long hair flowing wildly about among the stones and dust. And the mother fairly shrieked with agony, and beat her head madly against the wall. I could only turn round and walk out sick at heart, leaving her alone with her skeleton.”

This act of genocide took place in the 1876 (but far from the only one I don’t the space to list all of the massacres committed by the Ottoman empire) the last year of the Tanzimat reforms, so who would be guillible enough to believe that the Ottoman despots embraced change and reform? Such a concept has no basis in fact. What Danios is doing is lying and distorting history in order to paint the OE as a ‘progressive Muslim state in order to promote the fantasy that Islamic law (which he has defended in multiple posts) isn’t ‘so bad’. What happened after the reforms?

“1895-1896 A.D. Monday, January 1, 1895 Kurdish soldiers attack and butcher 13,000 men and women in the city of Urfa (i.e., Ancient Urhai).”
 The Ottoman version of ‘change and reform.’
“The debate had begun, but after World War I, the Allies occupied Turkey and Arab lands. They broke up the Ottoman Empire, and carved out mandate states, installing despots into power, something which of course retarded further Muslim intellectual growth.”

Ah yes the ‘blame the West’ argument; the Ottoman empire was not exactly a capital of intellectualism, up until Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s reforms 90% were illiterate. Throughout the Ottoman Empire’s history literacy was extremely low (10-15%) more people in medieval Italy could read than Ottoman Turks, so which had the more negative impact on the middle east? Centuries of Ottoman rule or the relatively brief paritioning of the Ottoman empire?

“Books and printed matter in Turkish and Arabic were unknown before the end of the 18th century, and even then they were of limited impact because of widespread illiteracy. Jewish refugees from the Spanish Inquisition established a Hebrew printing press about 1494. Armenians had a press in 1567, and Greeks had press in 1627. These presses were no allowed to print in Turkish or in Arabic characters, owing to objections of the religious authorities. One result of this delay was to give Greeks, Armenians and Jews an advantage in literacy, and therefore an advantage in commerce, and in having a means to preserve
and propagate their culture, that was denied to Turks and Arabs. The major result was to retard the development of modern literate society, commerce and industry. The first Turkish printing press in the Ottoman Empire was not established until 1729. It was closed in 1742 and reopened in 1784. The press operated under heavy censorship throughout most of the Ottoman era. Elections were unknown of course, though government decisions were usually reached by consultation of the government, provincial chiefs and religious authorities.”

“The Turks have learned little of European art or science, they have established very few educational institutions, and illiteracy is the prevailing rule.” -Henry Morgenthau, Sr.

More LW Garbage

“As we have provided you already with the scientific article by Professor Daniel Price, who concluded that–after controlling for confounding variables (such as socio-economic status, income level, etc.)–Islam played virtually no role in making a state any more or less prone to restrict human rights. You may read an abstract of that article here:

Yes Danios  believes that Islamic theocracies can respect human rights! He “proves” this by linking to an article that you can’t even read without paying almost thirty dollars (save your money and buy porn instead, besides porn scenarios are believable than the idea of a theocracy being a human right utopia).

Which brings us to this chunk of insanity posted by Danios in the comment section:

“Then you commit libel against Yusuf Qaradawi, who has clearly and emphatically said that it is not permissible to kill civilians.”

So that’s why Qaradawi wants all Muslims to support Hezbollah!

“He also explicitly forbade the targeting of civilians in Israel.”

Then why does he deny that suicide bombing is terrorism? Why did he issue a fatwa, stating that it was mandatory for all Muslims to support Hezbollah?

“Qaradawi has definitely said things that raise some eyebrows, and we certainly do not endorse those views or opinions”

Then why did Danios defend Qaradawi and try to minimalize his hate speech?

“in fact where his opinions infringe on core values of rights and freedoms we condemn that just as we condemn the Islamophobes.”

Then why did Danios leap at the chance to defend Qaradawi?

“But taken into the context of all his views, it seems that his views towards everything other than everything Israel related is pretty moderate and in line with the “reformist trend” amongst clerics and that is according to the experts.”

In other words Danios thinks that Yusuf’s opinion on the Holocaust is ’moderate’ and ‘reformist’:

“Throughout history, Allah has imposed upon the [Jews] people who would punish them for their corruption. The last punishment was carried out by Hitler. By means of all the things he did to them – even though they exaggerated this issue – he managed to put them in their place. This was divine punishment for them. Allah willing, the next time will be at the hand of the believers.” - Yusuf al-Qaradawi

And let’s not forget Yusuf’s ‘moderate’ views of women; which include support for genital mutilation and wife beating, what nice people Danios defends and supports!

“She is an avid supporter of Israeli Apartheid and supremacy and so when a historical parallel such as South African apartheid comes to the fore she has no option but to condemn Nelson Mandela and the struggle for freedom of the Black South Africans. For her it is a matter of consistency in hatred, oppression and injustice. She sees clearly that Palestinians are the new Black South Africans and the TerreBlanche’s of White South Africa are today’s Avigdor Lieberman’s and Benyamin Netanyahu’s.”

Note the hypocrisy; they whine about Israel yet praise Erdogan, who is supportive of apartheid policies.

“So now Nelson Mandela is one of the bad guys?”

Oh let’s see… The Church Street car bomb atrocity,  the Shell House massacre, ANC ‘necklacing’, the fact that the TRC concluded that Umkhonto we Sizwe tortue was “routine” and that executions took place “without due process”, Mandela’s support for PLO death squads, the Castro regime, not exactly my idea of a white hat.

“Don’t be surprised if next Nelson Mandela is called an anti-Semite.”
“To lose a man of that stature is a great blow.” -Nelson Mandela praising Yasser Arafat
“Yasser Arafat was one of the outstanding freedom fighters of this generation, one who gave his entire life to the cause of the Palestinian people. We honour his memory today.” -Nelson Mandela
“Arafat is a comrade in arms, and we treat him as such.” -Nelson Mandela
“We identify with the PLO.” -Nelson Mandela

Loonwatch denies Mandela’s blatant anti-Semitism and don’t have any problem with ANC’s legacy of terror attacks and necklacing, how very hate allergic. It saddens me that a genius like Norman Borlaug can save literally a billion people and go on to be remembered as an obscure footnote in history while a thug like Mandela can be involved inhuman terrorism and yet achieve a mindless cult of a personality that dead-end leftists like the twisted little tribe of Loonwatch are proud to be a part of.

“Flags bearing the swastika-like emblem of Terreblanche’s party, the AWB, are waved as mourners give the salute today.”

Here Mooneye shows that he’s too ignorant to recognize a triskele.

LW has a great deal of (cherry picked) articles about non-Islamic religious lunatics; then they ask ‘what if he/she were Muslim in a contrived attempt to paint Muslims as the victim of some sort of media bias.

“Rabbinic Council Says Haiti Earthquake due to Homosexuality”

A truly repulsive example of prejudice, however this does not prove some sort of double standard; Pat Robertson’s comments received more attention than Iran blaming the Haiti tragedy on ‘teh debullll’. Second of all isn’t it a tad hypocritical for LW to critique Rabbinic homophobia when they support homophobic bigots such as Ramadan, use websites that promote some of the most vile homophobia imaginable as sources and allow homophobic comments? Oh wait that’s right; LGBT people don’t matter to them as much as Muslims, I kept forgetting that since I don’t hold any supremacist views (unlike the Loonwatch crew).

Here LW posted a cartoon drawn by Khalil Bendib; who has drawn some of the most repulsive anti-semitic and misogynistic scribblings imaginable. If Loonwatch is sincerely opposed to hate why support the work of a racist? Of course this is merely one of the countless example of Loonwatch hypocrisy; they repeatedly condemned “everyone draw Muhammed” day yet they post the work of a heavily bigoted hack cartoonist.

This is a typical example of LW’s hypocrisy.

“Anti-Semitism is a real phenomenon in the world that can lead to dangerous consequences for its victims.”

Yes LW cares so much about anti-Semitism that they praise anti-Semites such as Erdogan and Mandela while using anti-Semitic hate sites as sources and allowing their hate filled rabble of a following to post anti-Semitic rhetoric.

“It is serious and should never be employed or utilized by one party to coerce leverage or power over another. The same can be said of Islamophobia or anti-Muslimism.”

The hypocrisy couldn’t be more obvious; Loonwatch posted and praised a Milne article equating criticism of Islamism with anti-Muslim prejudice, one pro-CAIR article claimed that any criticism of that organization is an attack on American Muslims and LW routinely uses Islamophobia Watch – which attacks any criticism of Islam or Islamism – as a source. Now onto the article:

“The Roth Institute’s director, Dinah Porat, who also sits on the board at the Israeli Holocaust research center, Yad Vashem, declared at a recent press conference that anti-Semitism is directly linked to anti-Zionism.”

Which is the truth; if anti-Zionism wasn’t anti-Semitic anti-Zionists wouldn’t claim that the ‘Israel lobby’ controls the US, they wouldn’t claim that Zionism is racism (a lie designed to deny the Jews the right to identify, understand and imagine themselves as a nation), they wouldn’t claim that Israel is comparable to Nazi Germany, I could go on but it’s a very long list.

“At the same time, the report appears crafted to prevent articulate Palestinian critics of Israeli policy like Ali Abunimah from gaining mainstream traction, speciously and scandalously conflating them with neo-Nazi street thugs and Holocaust deniers.”

Abunimah is the founder of the hate site “Electronic Intifada” and he’s author of an anti-Albanian article that denies atrocities committed by Serb forces; Ali claims that Serb atrocities were exaggerated (he doesn’t provide anything to back up that vile opinion) like the victims of the provos the people slobo killed do not matter to Ali because they weren’t Arabs. For a site that delights in comparing Israel to Nazi Germany they don’t see anything wrong in supporting genocidal maniacs who modeled themselves after the Nazi chetniks and denying mass murder using methods lifted from holocaust deniers. The article goes onto spew the Serb supremacist myth that Kosovo was part of Serbia but unfairly partitioned.

Ali complains about what he sees as an Israeli “ethnocracy” but doesn’t have a problem with the ethno supremacist dream of greater Serbia. He whines 24/7 about Palestinian self-determination; a right that he believes that Kosovan Albanians are not entitled to. What lovely people Max Blumenthal and LW support!
(Abunimah’s piece of anti-Albanian hate speech.)

You’ve have to search for ‘Finkelstein’ but in the comments Danios defends Norman Finkelstein.

“I believe you also accused Dr. Norman Finkelstein of being an anti-Semite. (Care to give proof of this?)”

Apparently Danios doesn’t believe that a “man” who openly praises Hezbollah and mocks Holocaust survivors is an anti-Semite. Here’s a hint when sites like and rave about someone, that someone  is usually subhuman at best.

“Holocaust revisionist David Irving said the same sort of thing to me when I interviewed him, recommending to me the work of Norman Finkelstein.” -  Max Blumenthal

In the comment section of that entry the Loonwatch admin praised the blog of a poster known as ‘Miscellany’.

“Miscellany, you have a good blog. Please feel free to republish our material, linking back to us. Islamophobes are good at getting their articles echoed on other blogs.”

Let’s see just how good that blog really is…. Miscellany on Darfur:

“this is a manufactured crisis”

“the humanitarian crisis in Sudan doesn’t really exist”

I wonder how LW would react to a spencerite claiming that ethnic cleansing of Balkan Muslims was a ‘manufactured crisis’?

“Europe is leading the way in racist, homo/Islamophobia, almost like a throwback to the days of a young Adolph Hitler who then targeted Jews.”

Yes that’s right apparently Miscellany thinks that Europe is more homophobic, Islamophobic and racist than the Islamic world; never mind the genocidal laws in almost every Islamic country that murder innocents merely for being homosexual or the institutionalized racism in Middle Eastern nations.  Clearly Miscellany doesn’t care about LGBT rights; no post in her blog advocates marriage equality or LGBT rights, her attempt to smear Europe as homophobic is revolting since she supports a certain regime that is committing a genocide against LGBT people.

Then we have the pesky fact that Muslims have far more rights in Europe than in the Islamic world; but Miscellany doesn’t care, why let reality get in the way of smearing Europeans nations? To top it off she equates all of Europe to Adolf Hitler an obviously bigoted tactic (considering that millions who suffered at the hands of Nazis were European) which has been used by Spencer’s herd to demonize Muslims, something LW rightly condemned, but clearly they don’t have a problem with the exact same vile argument being applied to non-Muslims.  I wonder what’s next? Will Miscellany use the Nanking genocide to smear Asians?

Miscellany on the Iranian ‘elections’:

“What the disputed results do show is there is a vibrant electoral and democratic process going on in Iran that equals or exceeds anything else going on in the Middle East, our petulant ally Israel included, in spite of the intricate back stage maneuvering going on between the West and some of Iran’s faces and voices from the past, particularly the son of the late Shah, Reza Pahlavi.”

Yes Miscellany, the ‘election’ was so ‘vibrant’ that all the candidates were picked by unelected backwards theocratic chimps; someone remind me to mail Missie a dictionary so she/he can learn the definition of democracy.  Miscellany also posted and slobbered over this interview defending his/her beloved Iranian regime:

A few highlights since I haven’t the time or the stomach to pick through that heap of filth:

“One of the biggest problems that people here have with Ahmadinejad is his stance on Israel and his denial of the Holocaust. It is one thing to be critical of Israeli policy, but what purpose does denying the Holocaust and holding conferences dedicated to Holocaust denial serve in helping Iran’s interests and relations with the rest of the world? A: Look, if you listen to his words carefully, he doesn’t say that he accepts or denies the Holocaust. He is a university professor, an academic. He looks at it as a historical event, like any other. He doesn’t understand why each event in recorded history is subjected to research and re-evaluation except for this one. In Denmark, they can make cartoons insulting the Holy Prophet and this is defended as freedom of opinion. But in this case, it is taboo to have any opinions on this issue.”

Defending a holocaust denying ayatollah puppet? Check.

“Again, many of Ahmadinejad’s statements have been misunderstood. He does not reject the Holocaust. Okay, suppose he says the Holocaust happened just as it is recorded in history, without challenging it. It still happened in Europe, right? Why then are the Palestinian people being punished for it? That is the real question.
Also remember, we have 30,000 Jews living in Iran very peacefully. They like the Iranian government. We have always made a clear distinction between Judaism and Zionism. This is very important. Our opposition is to the Zionists, not to the Jews. We have a lot of respect for Judaism … it is also a religion of God, from Abraham.”

He’s been misunderstood! The poor darling! The claim that Jews like the Iranian regime is a disgusting lie and it highlights one of those key flaws of the Internet; you can’t napalm someone with a keystroke.

“Iran’s official government-controlled media often issues anti-Semitic propaganda. A prime example is the government’s publishing of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a notorious Czarist forgery, in 1994 and 1999.2 Jews also suffer varying degrees of officially sanctioned discrimination, particularly in the areas of employment, education, and public accommodations.”

Miscellany is quick to invoke Godwin’s law in a juvenile attempt to smear Europe but then she/he proceeds to defend a brutal anti-Semitic regime; are you laughing yet?

In another attempt to defend the same regime that slaughters homosexuals and children in public, Miscellany whined that:

“What’s ironic is America for the last several weeks has shown images of the police’s crackdown of Iranian dissidents after their elections and condemned the actions of the Iranian government; what US officials have issued statements regarding police brutality against US citizens in America at ANYTIME, and especially after the Gates arrest?"

The US has apologized for its treatment of American Indians, killing Afghan civilians, the Tuskegee experiment even John McCain condemned the US treatment of African-Americans. Meanwhile has any Arab or Islamic government issued an apology for their pasts? Has Egypt apologized for sheltering Nazis (Dr. Aribert Heim for example) and treating Copts worse than animals? Will Iran ever apologize for murdering children in front of their parents? To anyone whose mind isn’t polluted by Islamist hypocrisy the answering is clearly f*ck no.

“The double standard is stark and one more stain on the American fabric of “just-us” justice.”

Yeah Missie, you’re really in a position to critique the US when you just tried to defend a theocracy.

Miscellany also thinks that a government that murders children in public before the eyes of their families certainly wouldn’t rape them first.

“The Israeli government is clearly up to, planning, attacks againstsome of its neighbors as it hypes up, read  that lies, allegations about what they are doing. First comes this incredible, un-sourced story, a former Revolutionary Guard member talks about deflowering Iranian girls who were to be executed. Clearly this piece of work is aimed at legitimizing an Israeli attack on Iran.”

So much Jew hating in one place; Miscellany is defending an anti-Semitic regime, denying rapes (apparently he/she got bored with denying mass murder) and shifting the blame onto a Jewish conspiracy that he/she dreamed up. If Loonwatch one day becomes sincerely opposed to prejudice they should ditch their habit of supporting hate sites (along with their snide sense of moral superiority).

In this entry Danios (a very prominent LW writer) posted this prejudiced comment.

“I can’t possibly understand how “Zio-Nazi” is antisemitic”

The “Zion-Nazi” slur is obviously anti-semitic since it’s designed to exploit the memory of Nazi atrocities in order to demonize Jews; people who use this slur are basically arguing that any groups can understand themselves as a nation, yet it’s uniquely evil when Jews do the same.  Besides the hypocrisy is quit amusing, Danios complained about “documentary” that compared Islam to Nazism (I want to be clear that I consider such a comparison to be false, wrong and offensive) yet he doesn’t have a problem with similar arguments being used against Jews.

Loonwatch Uses Hate Sites as Sources

For a site that claims to be opposed to hatred and bigotry, Loonwatch has a rather interesting habit of using sources that preach wait for it…hatred and bigotry. Remember Islamophobia-watch? The site that’s run by a disturbed individual under a phoney name who runs to the defense of hate mongerers whose boots he longs to kiss (such as the hundreds of posts praising Qaradawi)? Well LW apparently thinks that a site that supports racists (and demonizes their critics) is perfectly okay to use as a source:

“Rev. Mullen continues the anti-Muslim Islamophobia. (via Islamophobia-Watch)”

Not just once mind you, the site uses IW so many times that it would take a separate post to list the entries that use Pitt’s mentally diseased rambling as a source. If the LW people are sincerely opposed to bigotry why link to such a vile site? The entry about Mullen uses another site called as a source. is very much a hate site; it promotes ‘The liberal defence of murder by Richard Seymour’ a revolting book that seeks to white wash the crimes of the Milosevic regime and minimalize the Bosniak genocide in a manner that would make David Irving clap his sweaty little hands with glee.

“Seymour denies that Serb forces were guilty of genocide, even suggesting that the International Court of Justice may have been guided by political motives when it defined Srebrenica as an act of genocide (p. 204).”

The site also promotes that awful anti-semitic book “the Israel lobby and US foreign policy” a book which has been refuted by anyone with credibility and sanity but that doesn’t stop Iengage from promoting hate. Which brings us to this list of articles:

•           An interview with a hamas scumba- oh I’m sorry ‘leader’.

•           Under the ‘best blogs’ section they include a link Neil Clark’s (a Milosevic supporter) blog, specifically an entry supporting Iran.

•           An interview with genocide denier and serb fascist fanboy Richard Seymour, Seymour is interviewed by non other than George Galloway, anti-Semite and terrorist cheerleader.

•           An article supporting George Galloway and his hate group viva Palestine.

Next up we have this LW post includes a link to a site called ’Electronic Intifada’.

Other than its offensive name EI hosts the following articles:

•           An article defending the Iranian regime penned by a former lackey of the Jordan apartheid state.

“Iran, too, finds itself threatened, not just by Israel; now it is surrounded with US occupation forces on its west in Iraq and on its east in Afghanistan, under the command of a belligerent US administration which has for years been under the influence of neoconservatives intent on overthrowing the government of Iran, a legitimate government recognised all over the world and also, like Israel, a member of the United Nations.”

Yes Iran’s so legitimate that it was founded by unelected theocratic thugs, it’s such a legit country that it is committing genocide against LGBT people Of course the knuckle dragger who spewed this whiney pro-totalitarian piece of trash was involved in a state that treats homosexuals worse than animals, so he probably gets misty eyed at the thought of an Iranian teenager being condemned to death for the worst crime of all in a theocratic state; being different.

“On 15 August, 2004, Atefah Sahaaleh was hanged in a public square in the Iranian city of Neka.
Her death sentence was imposed for “crimes against chastity”.
The state-run newspaper accused her of adultery and described her as 22 years old. But she was not married – and she was just 16.”

“The government reportedly executed the two men for the crime of “lavat.” Iran’s shari‘a-based penal code defines lavat as penetrative and non-penetrative sexual acts between men. Iranian law punishes all penetrative sexual acts between adult men with the death penalty. Non-penetrative sexual acts between men are punished with lashes until the fourth offense, when they are punished with death. Sexual acts between women, which are defined differently, are punished with lashes until the fourth offense, when they are also punished with death.”

I’d continue but there’s only so much ‘legitimacy’ a man can stomach.

Here is an article written by a Sinn Fein member that praises IRA atrocities as ‘armed resistance’ and whines about the British government ‘undermining armed resistance’; the nerve of those evil brits trying to protect British citizens from car bombs! This vile piece of republican propaganda is one of SF’s countless attempts to white wash decades of crimes against humanity and of course EI looks at the blood soaked and pointless history of the provisionals with misty eyes. After all, the people who died in the Shankill massacre, the La Mon bombing and the Enniskillen atrocity were not Arabs and therefore not real people.

 Above: Electronic Intifada’s idea of ‘resistance’ because nothing excites them more than a bunch of scum who spent decades murdering children, single parents and other innocents for nothing.

•           An article that compares Israel to nazi Germany and complains about attempts to ‘destroy’ Gamal Abdel Nasser a brutal racist dictator whose regime sheltered Nazis.

•           An article complaining about the assassination of a hamas thug; the article goes on to deny that Hamas is a terrorist organization. At the bottom there’s this little tidbit of info:

“Hasan Abu Nimah is the former permanent representative of Jordan at the United Nations. This essay first appeared in The Jordan Times and is republished with the author’s permission.”

Yes Hasan you’re really in a position to criticize Israel when you’ve represented a country with institutionalized homophobia; if EI supports human rights why do they let the ex mouth piece of such a  state write material for their obscene website?

An interview with Jenifer Jajeh; the creator of a show entitled “I Heart Hamas and Other Things I am Afraid to Tell You”, the show’s website is which shows her wearing a t-shirt with the words ‘I heart hamas’, how cute it almost makes me forget that Hamas describes Jews as ‘bacteria to be annihilated’. The site’s blog features shrill entries supporting Hamas; because in Jen’s mentally ill world it’s hip to support backwards racist, homophobic maniacs (who would put up with her sh*t for all of five minutes).

•           A whiney little rant supporting the genocide denial of Mahmood Mamdani:

Note the title; the Darfur Diversion, to the morons of EI the Darfur genocide is not a tragedy, it’s not a massive human rights violation, no it’s just a distraction from their cause, set up by the Jews no doubt. If you think I’m sarcastic about that last part take a look at this:

“However, the apparent diversity of its affiliates obscures the fact that its agenda is driven mostly by Zionists and the Christian Right.”

This is a classic example of the concept of Jewish control; the anti-Semitic author of that article  sees evil Jewish cabals under every rock.

“These numbers are far lower than what constitutes an emergency according to the UN, let alone genocide.”

Of course Mo’ is lying through his teeth which is why he doesn’t back up that statement with any examples of international law, anyone without an apologist agenda knows that millions of victims are not required for a genocide. For example  8,373 people died in the Srebrenica genocide, 4-5,000 people died in the Tasmanian genocide. To deny the Darfur genocide is absurd especially since the US government has recognized it, but to the EI simpletons a shrill obscure apologist for mugabe and al-bahsir means more than an entire government.

“The conflict began as a civil war in 1987-89, driven less by race or ethnic rivalries than by a struggle for land and resources”

Then why is the Janjaweed primarily Arabic and the other side (the SLA for example) non-Arab? Why the strict division if it has nothing to do with ethnicity or race?

“unlike Iraq, where in excess of a million have died according to the latest Opinion Research Business poll”

Notice that Mo’ doesn’t prove us with a source for this number.

“….it appears that the real interest of its core organizations is to perpetuate the conflict so as to continue using the image of the Arab as the perpetrator to distract from the regional reality of the Arab as the victim.”

Once again EI shows that it’s not concerned with human rights; only Arabs matter in their eyes. Of course that isn’t anything new, prominent Palestinian advocates haven’t exactly jumped at chances to support worthy causes; Edward Said for example who defended the Milosevic regime and referred to atrocities in Kosova as a 'Sunday school picnic’. I could work up the stomach to completely pick apart this miserable piece of spew but I am trying to keep this short, instead here are some rather interesting reviews of Mamdani’s work/bird cage lining:

“Mahmood Mamdani begins his piece on ‘The Politics of Naming’ (LRB, 8 March) with a parallel between ’state-connected counter-insurgencies in Iraq and Darfur’. But the counter-insurgency in Iraq is organised by a foreign power and is the result of foreign occupation while the counter-insurgency in Darfur is organised by the national government and has no foreign cause. Whatever one thinks of US policy in Iraq, it has no genocidal component. In Darfur the ‘counter-insurgency’ is ethnic cleansing at the least and borders on genocide. Professor Mamdani quotes President Obasanjo of Nigeria to defend the idea that the violence in Darfur is not of a genocidal nature since we do nothave proof of a ‘plan’. But we do not have proof of a  plan in either the Armenian or the Rwandan genocides.”

Even one of Mamdani’s fellow lefties doesn’t buy it:

“If we cut through all the historical and sociological verbiage proffered by Mamdani, we can more clearly see his Arab settlerist sympathies. He uses a hierarchy of suffering method (genocide, crimes against humanity, crimes of war and civil war) to show that what is occurring in Darfur is not genocide but a “civil war”, the lowest in his rubric of suffering. His aim is to plead the case of Khartoum and the counter insurgency, by denying the historical roots and the continued settler Arab and African problematic on the African continent and the Sudan in particular. Throughout his argument Mamdani strains to point his torch light on the insurgency as equally if not more responsible for what’s happening in Darfur. In this way violence for liberation and resistance is equated with violence for repression and dispossession.”

“Unable to delink his frustration with uninformed American liberal (or neo-conservative) interventionism from his analysis of facts on the ground, his book attacks the victims of violence for distrusting a brutal regime in Khartoum and seeking external assistance from the international community. To that end, he demeans Darfuris living in IDP and refugee camps as “consumers” who have abdicated their responsibility as “citizens” and committed all their hopes for salvation to humanitarian intervention.”


“The International Criminal Court has issued a second arrest warrant for Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir – this time for charges of genocide.”

Next let’s take a look at an article that uses a site called ‘In Focus’ as a source:

The ADL has some rather interesting information about In Focus.

“February 2009: Columnist Salaam Abdul Khaliq asserted in his commentary that Israel’s military operation in Gaza was “equal or probably worse than what had happened in the ghettos of Warsaw and the concentration camps of Auschwitz.” Khaliq also claimed that Hollywood is controlled by a “powerful Jewish elite” who “wear the Zionist badge with pride.” He further condemned the American film industry for ”griping about Nazi Germany” while ignoring the “genocide” against the Palestinians that is committed by “the children of Holocaust survivors.”


“February 2009: Columnist Salaam Abdul Khaliq asserted in his commentary that Israel’s military operation in Gaza was “equal or probably worse than what had happened in the ghettos of Warsaw and the concentration camps of Auschwitz.” Khaliq also claimed that Hollywood is controlled by a “powerful Jewish elite” who “wear the Zionist badge with pride.” He further condemned the American film industry for ”griping about Nazi Germany” while ignoring the “genocide” against the Palestinian that is committed by “the children of Holocaust survivors.”

Fun fact: Salaam Abdul Khaliq is also the other of the article that LW posted in the entry; so if Loonwatch is against bigotry why promote the work of a frothing anti-Semite?

“September 2008: Columnist Lawrence Swaim accused Israel of being a racist apartheid state, adding that the “Israel Lobby” controls American politics and promotes “religious bigotry.” According to Swaim, “Israel…was always a state in which one race and religion predominated, with the others driven out and sometimes killed if they resisted.” He also blamed Christian-majority countries of making a ”deal with the devil” by “letting the Zionist leadership do to the Palestinians what the Christians had done to the Jews.”
“October, 2006: A commentary by Lebanese writer Mulham Assir titled “Nasrallah – Leadership and Restraint” praised Hezbollah for its war against Israel and condemned what it termed “the Anglo-American-backed Zionist forces.” It claimed that the summer 2006 war between Israel and Hezbollah was part of an American-British conspiracy, a “phase of the larger plans of the colonialist superpowers.” The commentary praised the “epic heroism of the resistance fighters” and “the larger-than-life leader,” Hassan Nasrallah.”
“September 2006: An anti-Semitic opinion piece first published by Saudi English-language newspaper, Arab News, claimed that Israel acts with impunity “because we are the Jews – we are the victims of the Holocaust” and because “Israel is in a position of dominating the U.S. government.” It also claimed that the Holocaust was the result of a Jewish provocation, when the Zionist movement “declared war on Germany.”

If LW is truly opposed to hatred why do they link to in focus, a site that contains material that brings to mind the worst sort of stormfront garbage?

In this critique of Bat Ye'or, Danios uses as a historical source.

Apparently Danios considers a site the whines about the “evils’ of homosexuality and Halloween to be an objective resource, how hate allergic of him!

Last but not least:

Note the main source; it’s the American Muslim, a website that hosts material defending slavery and one of the most vile homophobic rants I’ve ever read. Who would be delusional enough to consider such a nauseating site to be an objective neutral source? Oh that’s right, the clowns over at Loonwatch.

Why Does Loonwatch Link to a Site That Supports the Slaughter of Muslims?

Loonwatch links to a website called Fair; which contains pro-fascist and pro-genocide lies.

“FAIR, the national media watch group, has been offering well-documented criticism of media bias and censorship since 1986. We work to invigorate the First Amendment by advocating for greater diversity in the press and by scrutinizing media practices that marginalize public interest, minority and dissenting viewpoints. As an anti-censorship organization, we expose neglected news stories and defend working journalists when they are muzzled. As a progressive group, FAIR believes that structural reform is ultimately needed to break up the dominant media conglomerates, establish independent public broadcasting and promote strong non-profit sources of information.”

Fair’s articles on the Balkan wars show that Fair is anything but progressive, the FAIR search results for Srebrenica:

“Search term(s): Srebrenica
Search again
Results 0 – 0 of 0
Results 0 – 0 of 0”

If your bullshit sense isn’t tingling it should be; discussing theBalkan wars without even mentioning the Srebrenica genocide once shows clear and unmistakable bias, it would be like discussing World War II and never mentioning the Holocaust. A visit to their Balkan section reveals that they recommend the following books; Fools’ Crusade: Yugoslavia, NATO, and Western Delusions, by Diana Johnstone. Johnstone’s hate tract claims that the Srebrenica genocide was merely a case of Serb soldiers killing Muslim soldiers in battle, and that it was anyway engineered by the Muslims, how progressive of Fair to support racism and genocide denial.  You can read a review of ‘Fool’s Crusade’ (a book that proves that it’s possible to drink the stuff grandpa makes in the bathtub and write at the same) here:

“Fools’ Crusade” is a book-length attack on secularism, individual rights, and the ambiguities and complexities of truly tolerant and cosmopolitan living. As disheartening and ugly as those sentiments are, the implicit message of the book is even worse. The most damning thing you can say about “Fools’ Crusade” is simply to articulate and clarify the implications of her critique. In her turgid chronicle of revisionist lies, we saw all that Johnstone holds in in contempt. In the burning villages of Darfur, we see a terrifying vision of the world ordered as she believes it should be. “

FAIR also recommends Susan Woodward’s book “Balkan Tragedy.”

“Susan Woodward has written a long, turgid and repetitive work whose seemingly scholarly style and pretence of objectivity mask effective acquiescence in Serbian war aims and a dislike of Germany, Austria and Croatia that borders on hatred. Another main dimension of Woodward’s thesis concerns the way in which the Germans and Americans in turn supposedly sabotaged international attempts to resolve the conflict. This line of argument presents few surprises for anyone familiar with the similar themes emanating from British and French official sources throughout the wars of succession in former Yugoslavia. What makes this book unique however is its revelation of the degree of ideological sympathy for Serbian nationalist aspirations in the highest echelons of the UN operation in the very countries suffering the effects of Serbian aggression. No wonder that, during her time as adviser to Akashi, she was nicknamed “Mrs Mladic” by members of the UNHCR working in Bosnia-Herzegovina.”

Of course this an example of Fair’s support for ‘dissenting views’, who cares if those views don’t a foothold in reality? They’re challenging the evil mainstream media! Who cares about basic human decency or honesty? The morons of FAIR simply cannot grasp that some viewpoints should be ‘marginalized’.

Above: the villain known only as ‘mainstream media’ relaxes in his lair.

A few samples of FAIR’s bilge:

•           An article denying the Racak massacre:

Isn’t it a tad much for Loonwatch to set themselves up as defenders of Muslims while supporting a  cringe-inducing site that denies the mass murder of Muslims?

•           An article denying the existence of rape camps in Bosnia:

I wonder how this woman would react to FAIR’s lies?

“Nusreta stands half a mile away, transfixed by the buildings, refusing to go nearer. She points. ‘That is the white house. The people they took in there did not come out alive.’ The building beside the large red shed ‘is the canteen building where they kept us’. She says of the grassy patch in front of the shed: ‘They made the men run across here. Sometimes they were begging for their lives.’ This is Omarska, the camp where 10 years ago thousands of Bosnian Muslims and Croats were murdered, tortured and raped by Serb militiamen—some paramilitaries, some members of the regular Bosnian Serb army, some of the Yugoslav national army.
Ten years ago this summer, Nusreta was taken here along with 25 women from her nearby hometown of Prijedor. For three months, the women were raped, beaten and tortured. In August, some of the women, including Nusreta, were released. At least five of the group did not escape.”

Note the last sentence: “A version of this appeared in LM on-line magazine” Living Marxism was a vile socialist rag that denied the Bosnian and Rwanda genocides; their lives were thoroughly demolished in a libel suit which shows how few nanoseconds FAIR’s hate hate-mongers spend in the real world; I was  expecting such articles as “how the mainstream media is run on baby blood.”

•           An article denying the reality of the breadline massacre (they spew the fiction that it was staged) and claiming that the genocide denier and suspected rapist Lewis MacKenzie  “has presented a more realistic analysis of the civil war than most media sources.” I wonder what source FAIR will use next?

“This hobo we kidnapped has presented such a realistic analysis of the Grey-Reptilian wars.”

““NO EVIDENCE MUSLIMS SHELLED THEMSELVES” – testifies General Rupert Smith”

For more on MacKenzie (a genocide denier and alleged rapist) read this superb blog entry:


Let’s begin by examining this article:

“Monitor the comments on our website, and if you see an Islamophobe saying something outlandish, respond.”

In other words they don’t care about bigoted comments made by Muslim readers; which is understandable because if they did, LW would lose most of it’s following.  Let’s take a look at some comments a typical LW entry received:

“I think acts of homosexuality are a sin”
“America. Oh, America. I love you but I hate you. America. Oh America. So full of wackadoos believing in dead saviour zombies. America. Oh, America. GO BACK TO F’ING SCHOOL.”

If any of those hateful remarks were directed at Muslims you can be sure that at least LW writer would post a critical response or the comments wouldn’t have been accepted in the first place, however Loonwatch not only accepts bigoted comments (as long as they’re not anti-Muslim) they also do not reply to such comments.

In the entry above someone posted Armenian genocide denial.

“No Erdogan cant be called a bigot because he denied the Armenian Holocaust. Many countries don’t recognise that term, and only 20 do. Turkey believes that genocide isn’t the correct term to use.”

In the comment section of the entry above a moron by the handle of Canadian Muslim (who’s handle links to a vile hate blog) posted this piece of spew:

“This Zionist virus is not limited to the US and Israel – but has spread to Canada and several EU nations where the mainstream media is controlled by the Zionist Jews or their partners in crime – the Zionist Christians.”

However no LW writer responded to this imbecile, Danios the author of the article in question ignored the comment completely.

“If it is true, how can anybody object to me calling people who do such things “Zio-Nazis?”

Once again no LW author replied to a poster who repeatedly used the slur “Zio-Nazi”.

“One often hears that the Zio-Nazis”

In the above entry the Loonwatch writer calling himself/herself ‘Mooneye’ criticizes the Texas SBOE over anti-Islam sentiment, however Mooneye approved and didn’t reply to this bigoted comment:

froger29 Says:
May 25th, 2010 at 12:24 pm
Texas is pretty backwards and full of a lot of racist trash. If they want to re-write history and teach it in their classrooms, I say go for and do the rest of the US a favor and go a step fruther and succeed from the nation.”

Of course if Froger’s prejudice was aimed at Muslims – who matter to Loonwatch in a way that non-Muslims simply do not – rather than Texans, Mooneye wouldn’t have  wasted a second condemning Froger.

The lone comment in an entry complaining about hate mail is a classic example anti-Semitism.

“Bolshevik Jews have killed more Christians than the other way round, yet where is the outrage?”

Looonwatch also allowed pro-slavery comments to be posted,  no Loonwatch moderator objected to these anti-human comments.

Not pictured: ‘humane slavery.’

“Have you even read the laws of slavery in Islam? Slaves are supposed to be set free if they face physical abuse of any kind. That sure is terrible, right?”
“Read the early Islamic tests which emphasize on treating your slaves as family members and helping them whenever necessary. Muhammad also stressed on the virtue of freeing slaves. Now that Islam has abolished slavery in the Middle East, this is no longer an issue.”

Anyone in touch with reality can see just how false these arguments are, let’s pretend that Islamic texts advocate treating slaves “humanely” – while ignoring the fact that freeing slaves is only way true humane way to treat them –  concluding that Islamic slavery was nothing but fun and games because of religious texts is just as absurd as claiming that the Crusaders didn’t kill anyone since the Bible forbids murder. If Islam does stress the virtue of freeing slaves why was never an Islamic abolition movement?

Danios deleted another poster’s comment but allowed the last pro-slavery comment to be posted and didn’t reply to such vile nonsense.

“The European Christian slave trade was far worse than any Muslim slave trade. Perhaps what bugs you is that Muslims also had whites as slaves! LOL Secondly, unlike Christians, Muslims freed slaves who became Muslims and through a process, eliminated slavery without having to fight a war.”

You see Loonwatch is actually an alternate reality; a reality where there is good slavery and bad slavery, a reality where there was a Muslim abolition movement unlike this planet.

“Slaves were like extended members of the family, and if a slave woman becomes pregnant by her master, he is liable to raise the child. The child of a slave doesn’t have inheritance rights same as those of a child in marriage, but kind treatment is encouraged. Saudi Arabia was the last country to outlaw slavery, but if you want an example of the son of a slave woman is treated, look no further than Prince Bandar bin Saud, the Saudi ambassador to the USA. His mother was a slave.  When slavery was outlawed in Saudi Arabia there was a lot of opposition against that from the slaves themselves because they didn’t want to lose their security. Many chose to remain as paid servants. But for others, they would have to fend for themselves. There are always too sides to a story.”

Feeling sick yet? Anyone with a working knowledge of history can see that there has never been a form of slavery that was ‘better’ than another version of slavery; anyone who says such such vile things is a liar and an apologist for one of the most evil institutions in human history.

“Christian societies were responsible for an engagement to slavery in its most hideous, dehumanizing form. … Islam has been, by specific spiritual precept and in common practice, relatively humane in its treatment of slaves and its readiness to free them…”

If you believe that I have some pristine swampland to sell you.

“Nobody justified slavery”

This reminds me of how Marko Attila Hoare pointed out that genocide deniers deny their own denial.

“The point was there wasn’t wholesale mistreatment of slaves in Muslim countries because our faith gives them rights, so they didn’t need to fight for their rights.”

Pardon me while I have a ‘does this idiot believe her own bullshit’ moment.

“There also was no racism of the type practiced in America.”

Not content to try to white wash Islamic slavery this commenter also has to try to erase the reality of Middle Eastern racism; because to this lunatic religion and ethnic identity trump basic human decency.
How did the author of that piece respond? Did he delete such anti-human comments? Or apologize for approving them in the first place

Mooneye Says:
December 16th, 2009 at 4:23 pm
While the discussion on slavery and history is lively, I am going to put it to a halt as it is swerving off topic a little too much. Lets stay topical.
Also, I have talked to admin, and I want to reiterate that any anti-Semitic, and racist comments will be deleted and the offender will be banned.”

Of course Mooneye is full of shite seeing as two morons who posted that racist spew have commented in current posts and that he had no problem allowing their pro-slavery comments to be approved. Clearly Mooneye is not opposed to racist comments written by Muslim readers.

The comments above are almost identical to this Stormfront post:

“Slaves where treated for the most part like members of the family, about the same as White labourers and farm-hands who lived on their employer’s land. There where occasional counts of abuse, just like Parents occasionally abuse their children, but nothing like the garbage that northern myth-makers would have you believe. “

This concludes my review of Loonwatch; it’s time to leave their little world of whining and naked hypocrisy behind, now if you’ll excuse me I have websites – that do not support Islamism or talat wannabes – to enjoy.