Friday, 20 April 2012

Blackmore Responds to REASON INFUSION

I replied to REASONINFUSION earlier. My response can be read here. Blackmore wanted to put his reply directly under the video at Youtube but is still blocked by REASONINFUSION. So I'll be posting his response here.

From the FFI forum:

Hi REASONINFUSION, here’s Blackmore. I hope you can read this. First I’ve never made a point to be proud to be Dutch. Although I’m not ashamed of it either. I only mentioned I’m not American but Dutch, so I can’t say anything bad about your founding fathers. As far slavery concerns, I have, repeatedly, called that inhuman. By that I condemn everybody who was or is involved, including my own folks the Dutch. I’ don’t think this is so hard to understand.
In our previous discussion I brought it repeatedly up that you would never speak out that slavery is inhuman. And I was right! I challenged you to but you never did. Maybe as a person, as a human, you may find that slavery inhuman, but you can’t say that because that would implicitly condemn the slave trader and catcher Muhammad, of which all examples are good. By not condemning slavery you proof of my previous point that Islam decides what your norms and values are.
There’s a whole lot of injustice in the world but it beats me how your eye fell on Islam as the medicine. Everytime Islam gets attacked an example of injustice elsewhere follows. An imperfection gets justified with another imperfection. If Islam was really perfect, a perfect example, on which every sane person agrees on, should follow. Not an example which only is good in the eyes of primitive 7th century Arabs or their descendants who are stuck in their 7th century believes.
Don’t say Islam is the region of the Blackman because it isn’t. The negro race is probably the race that has suffered the most because of Islam. That it didn’t happen in America doesn’t mean Islam is for the Blackman. If you really want to fight white racists, the KKK, or who ever, with Islam, you’re just as monstrous as who you fight.

After writing my reply, I realized REASONINFUSION had made another video addressing both of us again. Being the vulgar piece of work that he is, he now brings our mothers and sisters into the equation.  I may respond to this video in a day or two if I have the time and can be bothered, but, honestly, there is little worth addressing. What I will say for now is, my mother was a teenage Muslim bride when she lost her virginity. Not quite the answer REASONINFUSION was looking for, is it?

Again from Blackmore:

REASONINFUSION uploaded another video. I'll respond to it sunday or monday.
Here’s a short response. REASONINFUSION claims that Muhammad stayed faithful during his 25 year marriage with Khadija. Well as soon as she died he jumped from one woman on the other. In no-time after her dead he was married with about thirteen woman. By no means this is the behaviour you expect of a grieving widower. His 25 year faithful marriage with Khadija proves that, since s Khadija was a rich widow when she married Muhammad, she was the boss. In English it doesn’t rime but in Dutch we say, ‘who pays, who decides’. REASONINFUSION how can you be so blinded that you can’t see this…

Update: Blackmore's full response can be read here: Blackmore Responds to REASON INFUSION x2

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