Thursday, 12 April 2012

Jordan: Rapist of Boy is Tied Naked to a Truck and Driven Though the Streets

Being a pacifist, this is probably hypocritical of me, but I cannot seem to bring myself to condemn this slice of rough justice. What I would say is that, unfortunately, their actions were most probably fueled by their homophobia rather than by the sexual abuse of a teenage boy. Muslims tend to have a hard time not equating the one with the other.

From Emirates 24/7:

A Jordanian man who raped a teen age boy had apparently thought he had got away with it until his door was knocked a few days later.
When he opened the door of his house in the southern Jordanian port of Aqaba and was dragged out by 10 men, he quickly realized the day of reckoning has come. But the rapist clearly had not though the punishment would be that tough.
“They took him to their area and stripped him off completely…they then tied him naked to a truck and drove though the streets of their neighbourhood,” the Kuwait Arabic language daily Alanba said, quoting Jordan’s media.
“They kept dragging him naked through the streets until he fell unconscious…they then stopped and one of them went to him and was about to insert a big stick into his back before was stopped by a senior citizen.”
The report said the 10 men told court they had done so after the man raped the brother of one of them. The court sentenced each of them to 10.5 years in jail.

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