This page provides links to pages on IslamoCriticism analyzing Islam and responding to various apologetic arguments.

Tu Quoque

This section is not a defense of other religions. It is here to expose the often erroneous nature of popular yet fallacious arguments used to defend Islam.


Joseph the Pedophile: A Case of Christian Hypocrisy?
Jew Quoque: The Truth about Infidels, Lying, Stealing and Pedophilia in the Talmud
The Christian God: An "Unholy" Pedophile?


Islamic Hijabs, Nun's Habits and the Hijab Paradox

Terrorism & Intolorance:

Is the Bible more Bloodthirsty than the Qur'an?
McVeigh, Breivik, and Abortion Clinic Bombings: The Islamists “Smoking Gun”

Blaming "Culture"

Muslims and their apologists often try to deflect criticism of Islam by accusing certain cultures/ethnic groups of being the real cause behind much of the negative practices associated with their religion.

"Asian" or Muslim? How the Media Defends a Religion by Vilifying a Race
Culture or Islam? Muslim Child Forced to Marry at 5 While Living in UK
Culture or Islam? The Case of Female Genital Mutilation

Apologetic Myths

Rejecting Dr. David Liepert's Apologetic Myth that Aisha's Age is in Question
Farewell Sermon: "A White has No Superiority Over a Black", A Proven Fabrication
Virgins or Raisins? A Dilemma for Intellectually Dishonest Muslim Apologists
Are the "Overwhelming Majority" of the World's 1.5 Billion Muslims Moderates?

"Reforming" Islam

Daniel Maldonado's Wikipedia Page, Iran and Thoughts on an Islamic "Reformation"
Islam's Protestant Reformation has Already Taken Place... It's Called Salafism


In Islam, Heaven Is Not Exclusive; Oh Really? The Lies of Ahmadiyya Missionaries
A US Judge Shocked That A Practicing Muslim Would Break Their "Oath To God"?