Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Blackmore Debates REASONINFUSION; Another Incompetent Black Muslim Apologist Defending Racism and Slavery in Islam

I come across a very interesting forum posting by an atheist user named Blackmore. He was in a Youtube debate with a black Muslim convert who uses the name REASONINFUSION. This guy has created many videos  on Youtube. And like Qãhırıï, another black convert from the US, he's spreading misinformation about Islam and its relations to slavery and racism. There is little surprise that Blackmore completely annihilated REASONINFUSION's often fallacious arguments. And there is even less of a surprise in the fact that REASONINFUSION then attempted to hide his disgraceful loss by deleting the entire exchange.

There is one thing I would like to add to Blackmore's response; REASONINFUSION claims Muhammad said "there is NO ARAB BETTER THAN A BLACK AND NO BLACK BETTER THAN AN ARAB"[emphasis in the original].  Muhammad never made any such statement. This is actually a proven fabrication.

Additional comment by Blackmore are bolded, debate text are in regular font, and REASONINFUSION's responses are indented:  

Hi guys! On Wednesday apr 04, 2012 I responded to this video: A guy who named himself REASONINFUSION put it there. I got with him in a discussion which took several days, which I’ve put here below. The reason why I put it here is that REASONINFUSION all of a sudden removed our discussion. And even worse, he banned me so I’m not able to say anything anymore. If he thinks he’s winner now he is dead wrong! Because of his censorship action I’m making this public. I hope his video’s will get lots of responses. I’m basically promoting his videos! By the way, I’m not new here. Ten years ago I started here under the name Manticore. And since the beginning of the Dutch FFI-forum I’m active there. Here’s our discussion. I hope that Allah is pleased with REASONINFUSION! 

By Blackmore wo apr 04, 2012 8:00 pm

Hi REASONINFUSION. I’m trying to get comments of black muslims about some islamic texts about black people. They’re kind of shocking to read. I don’t know of any other religion or political system that shows this kind of racism as islam. Even the KKK doesn’t use such harsh denigrating words about black people. So this makes me wonder why so many black muslims, while being aware of these texts, still say islam is the religion for the black man. Here are some of these texts, take a look:

Malik Ibn Ons: "The master does not have the right to force the female slave to wed to an ugly black slave if she is beautiful and agile unless in case of utmost necessity" Ibn Hazm, Vol. 6, Part 9, p. 469).

It is your folly to fight the Apostle, for Allah’s army is bound to disgrace you. We brought them to the pit. Hell was their meeting place. We collected them there, black slaves, men of no descent. Ishaq:450

Malik Ibn Anas: "What is the punishment of a master who beats his slave to death?" He answered: "Nothing!"’ Vol. 6, Part 15, p 164

"Narrated Zam'a, "The prophet said, "None of you should flog his wife as he flogs a slave and then have sexual intercourse with her in the last part of the day."" Bukhari volume 7, #132

Ahmad ibn Abi Sulayman, the companion of Sahnun said, “Anyone who says that the Prophet was black should be killed. Ibn Musa al-Yahsubi, Qadi ‘Iyad, p.375

Therefore, the Negro nation are, as a rule, submissive to slavery, because [Negroes] have little [that is essentially] human and have attributes that are quite similar to those of dumb animals, as we have stated." Ibn Khaldun, Muqaddimah, 14th century

Arabs are the most noble people in lineage, the most prominent, and the best in deeds. Al-Tabari, Vol. 9, p. 69

when A'isha (Muhammad's wife) had a maid-slave who was an Arab, Muhammad said to A'isha, `Set this maid free because she is from the children of Ishmael.'" Ibn Timiyya, Vol. 31, pp. 376-377

Narrated Anas bin Malik: Allah's Apostle said, "You should listen to and obey, your ruler even if he was an Ethiopian (black) slave whose head looks like a raisin." Sahih Bukhari 9:89:256

"Abu Darda reported that the Holy Prophet said: Allah created Adam when he created him (sic). Then He stroke (sic) his right shoulder and took out a white race as if they were seeds, and He stroke (sic) his left shoulder and took out a black race as if they were coals. Then He said to those who were in his right side: Towards paradise and I don't care. He said to those who were on his left shoulder: Towards Hell and I don't care. - Ahmad" Mishkat, Vol. 3, p. 117

[Blacks are] people who are by their very nature slaves. Quoted in “Blasphemy Before God: The Darkness of Racism In Muslim Culture” by Adam Misbah aI-Haqq
Blacks] are ugly and misshapen, because they live in a hot country."Ibn Qutaybah (828-889)
"[inhabitants of sub-Saharan African countries] are people distant from the standards of humanity" "Their nature is that of wild animals..."Hudud al-`alam, 982 AD

"beyond [known peoples of black West Africa] to the south there is no civilization in the proper sense. There are only humans who are closer to dumb animals than to rational beings. They live in thickets and caves, and eat herbs and unprepared grain. They frequently eat each other. They cannot be considered human beings." Ibn Khaldun, Muqaddimah

I think I was clear on the issue of ALL sayings of Muslims that speak ill of blacks. I covered all of those points carefully. Since Muhammad himself in his last message said, "there is NO ARAB BETTER THAN A BLACK AND NO BLACK BETTER THAN AN ARAB", it should be obvious that any saying attributed to him saying other wise must be highly questioned! Next, Why would any black person not renounce their citizenship in america since it is a nation founded on the premise that we are inferior and 2) perhaps a "distinct race" as per Thomas Jefferson?

You say that Muhammad said that there is NO ARAB BETTER THAN A BLACK. And then you said it should be obvious that any saying attributed to him saying otherwise must be highly questioned! Well Islam means submission. That means not asking questions! The reason that these utterly inhuman and discriminating texts stood the test of time is that they cannot be questioned. And the content of these texts cannot be justified. The person who tries is going to lose that debate. That’s the reason islam doesn’t allow criticism. Mohammad said: ‘None of you should flog his wife as he flogs a slave’. Here in one line slavery, harsh slave beating, and wife beating, gets the oke of the messenger of which all examples and words are good. Questioning this is questioning Muhammad. That makes you an apostate!

It wouldn’t be so bad when it were only words but you can explain the atrocities in Sudan with it. Or the many muslimwomen here in the west in shelters fearing for their life because of their husband. And in all these occasions you hear islam has nothing to do with that. Or even islam is against this. And you do the same now! You said that these disgusting texts attributed to Muhammad must be highly questioned. Are you the one who’s gonna do it? So far you are only promoting them!

First one should know that Muhammad himself never beat his wives nor slaves! Next, it should be understood that prior to him, not only were female children buried alive on many occasions, but women could be beaten to death for the smallest "violations". No responsible study of law can be made without knowing what laws existed prior. It is for that reason that your "great founding fathers" pale next to muhammad. They CREATED laws that provided an advantage to whites whilst enslaving blacks

In the next hadith Ashia talks about Muhaamed beating her: Sahih Muslim #2127: “He struck me on the chest which caused me pain”.

And in this hadith Ashia testifies about the terrible beating muslimwoman receive: Bukhari, vol. 7, 715, Aisha said, "I have not seen any woman suffering as much as the believing women. Look! Her skin is greener than her clothes!" Even in the quran wife beating is advised, see verse 4:34.

From Washington to Nixon it was clear most of america's presidents were bigots. Does that offend you??? Should ALL blacks renounce america? Would you like for me to give you some quotes from Jefferson and lincoln? None of those man at anytime said that "no white was better than a black"! Totally the contrary! You imply that questioning america's actions is not opposed! when done one is said to hate america! To oppose its wars or policies comes with insults in most cases and death threats in others! Is this not so?

I’ve noticed very often that muslims don’t believe their own religion. There are many qurantexts that say that nothing goes against the will of Allah. That also means America's actions are Allah’s actions. So, what’s wrong with America's actions? According to these verses people don’t have a freewill 9:51 , 11:118 -- 119 , 25:2 , 32:13 , 57:22 , 64:11 , 74:56 , 81:29. So why blame people for their actions? Leave alone sending them to hell for it.

...been as passionate about anti-black racism, discrimination or the many wars america has financed, instigated and indulged in! Your credibility is lost on someone like myself who lives in a nation that calls the first black president a monkey. As for my "promoting" something, I am an educated man who knows Islam as I know the disgusting basis upon America was founded. My point is 2 many of your kind hide behind a fake dedication to righteousness when in reality your ethic is a "swivel one".

Muslims don’t have natural ethics or morals at all! What they are you first must look for in a book first. A muslim that doesn’t know much about islam may be against slavery until he discovers that islam condones slavery, and than he changes his mind and gives slavery his oke.

You being opposed to Islam is very "convenient"! Christianity supported the buring alive, lynching and rapping of black slaves! The KKK call themselves "good christians"! Virtually every white smiling under a black swinging corps would say they were "god fearing christians"! Domestic violence is a problem amongst NON Muslims also in america and since muhammad never beat his wives, it cannot be said that Islam supports it. My issue with people like yourself is you nor your parents have ever.

Can you show me the bible texts that support your claim that Christianity supports the buring alive, lynching and rapping of black slaves? A Christian that commits murder can never be a follower of Jesus. A muslim that murders may be a very good follower of Muhammad.

Your claim that "questioning" Islam is not permitted is also not true since the Quran says, "there is no compulsion in religion". It is a must that ALL potential Muslims examine the words and tenents of Islam. Since I was at one time an atheist and Buddhist, I questioned much before reverting. The intellect of Muslims is why we are not anti -science and debate ALL religions and atheists.

There are many texts that show that islam gives no freedom of religion: Sura 4:89 “seize them and slay the unbelievers wherever you find them”. 9.123 “fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you” Sura 9:123: “wage war against the unbelievers. These lines are in contradiction with your" there is no compulsion in religion". The quran is supposed to have no contradictions. Well I think we have a contradiction now. How do you explain this?

It’s not allowed to slander Muhammad. But what did the hadithwriters do? They said Muhammad was married to a six years old girl. And that he beheaded a 1000 Jews who surrendered. And he even married a girl the same day he murdered her husband father mother brothers and sisters. Why aren’t these stories slander? The hadithwriters never met Muhammad but muslims submit to them anyway. So how can you be so sure these stories are true and why aren’t they slandering the prophet? Everything you know about Muhammad is written by hadithwriters who lived 200 years after him. These writers can’t be criticised or questioned. All they wrote must be accepted. They’ve never met Muhammad or have met anyone that has met Muhammad, so what gave them so much authority that muslims are following them? Aren’t in reality the hadithwriters who are above criticism instead of Muhammad? Since it’s the hadithwriters words muslims are following and not Muhammad’s…

My life amongst you christians was never a very good one so forgive me if I am not moved. You convenient christians always get me with that, "no real christian..." lol. Stop it please!!!! Everyone who rioted to get burned body parts of burned blacks called themselves "christian"! America calls itself a christian nation and has slaughtered people from its very beginning! Who are you attempting to BS? Your people took slaves from africa on, "THE GOOD SHIP JESUS"!!! Your people GAVE us the bible!

For your information, I’m an ex-Christian. I don’t believe anymore. To me all religion is BS. But nevertheless that I still believe that Jesus message is good. If everybody would live according to his teachings we would have a better world. Can’t say that of Muhammad’s examples of child marriage, looting caravans, condoning wife beating, breaking oaths, slave trade, the beheading of nearly a 1000 Jews, and so on.

After Jesus! 100 scholars of christianity called the "JESUS SEMINAR" said 80% of what is in the bible is not true! Scholars like Bart Erdman have said many times the writers of the bible were drunk and put in what they wanted! 5) 5000 manuscripts of the bible and NO 2 ARE THE SAME! 6) The Group of CHRISTIAN scholars said, and I quote, "SINCE JESUS DID NOT LIKELY SPEAK GREEK, BUT ARAMAIC, A LANGUAGE THAT DOES NOT TRANSLATE WELL INTO GREEK, WE WILL NEVER KNOW WHAT HE REALLY SAID" and of quote.
Your claim that Muslims do not have ethics or morals is only a statement showing your dislike for Islam, it does not prove anything since you did not give evidence of that fact. Muslims saved the Jew from christianity as any real historian knows. Lets talk about ethics! Where do YOU get your ethics, a nation that allows same sex marriage? A nation that has a majority of people doing hard drugs? A nation that supports groups like the MAN BOY LOVE ASSOC? How about your idols like snooki?? '

I said you don’t have NATURAL ethics or morals. And I mean by that that you have to find out in your scriptures what your ethics or morals are. You don’t know what right or wrong is unless you open your books. A muslim may think that marring a six years old child is wrong, but when he finds out Muhammad did that, he thinks it’s oke.

I will not spend every moment arguing every point, so I will make this as quick as possible: You made a comparison of america to Allah or Islam and by doing so you think you have made a valid point! You have only made MY point, which is to say if america has indulged in what you condemn in Islam, you should move from America and condemn it also. If not, you are typical in your convenient "morality", 2) It is a fact that Muhammad was BORN into a society that already had a system of slavery unlike your heros, Tom Jeferson, G washington, and others who BROUGHT the system to america. At no time in the lives of those people could a slave ever reach the heights of Several who reached the very top of Islam. Next, from 1619 to 1968 blacks were either enslaved or living under Jim Crow laws where as many as 15,000 whites gathered to see a man get burned to death only to fight over the burned remains (says the AP of that day)! That took place in a so-called "christian" nation.

You have so much prejustice. Why you keep calling Jefferson, Washington, and so on, my heroes? I’m not an American, I’m Dutch. You constantly keep calling me a Christian which I’m not. I have not given you even the slightest reason to think I’m any of those. But now let me tell you something. Slavery is to me is inhuman. I’m sure you disagree! And I can’t believe that there is an all loving god who will condone such thing as slavery. Again, I’m sure you disagree!

The slavery which seems to offend you so much, but not really, is the European slave trade, the bringing of Africans across the Atlantic into slavery. I fully detest that! But, there are more to blame than the Europeans only. Like a drug user needs a dealer, a slave trader needs a catcher. I think you know that the Europeans did not bring armies to catch slaves in African. And oblivious the Africans didn’t volunteer to be slaves. So how did they get them? The Europeans bought the slaves from the Arabs and the black muslims who build an whole economy around catching and selling their own countryman. Just google a bid! It always surprises me that this part of the trade is completely left out of the discussion. The slavery committed by Europeans lasted a 300 years and stopped because of their own morals and ethics. The islamic slavery lasts now a 1400 years, was there before islam, will be there as long as islam is there. So your indignation about the European slave trade is very selective. By the way, I’m happy you didn’t bring up the freeing of just one lousy man, Bilal, to make islamic slavery look good. That’s what muslims mostly do. And don’t BS me, the Arabs even today keep slaves.

You seem to have trouble making an accurate point! You give a Quote from Malik that says, 'ALLAH'S APOSTLE SAID, "YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO AND OBEY YOUR RULER EVEN IF HE WAS AN ETHIOPIAN SLAVE WHOSE HEAD LOOKS LIKE A RAISIN" 1) Muhammad makes it clear that ALL Muslims must FOLLOW a black man if he is most worthy! (where does such a quote "live" of whites you take as icons???) 2) An old Ethiopian man may have a head that looks like a "raisin"! I have seen some myself and I am black!

"YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO AND OBEY YOUR RULER EVEN IF HE WAS AN ETHIOPIAN SLAVE WHOSE HEAD LOOKS LIKE A RAISIN" That RASIN HEAD is a term of abuse! Muhammad talked here in a very degenerate way about black people! How can you see some good in this? If I walk on the street and call a Blackman a raisin head I probably will get beaten up. Right?

You said Muhammad was born into a society that already had a system of slavery. Well he didn’t abandon it. And neither did the god of which he said that had contacted him. For me is this the reason, among many others, that the islam represents the habits morals and ethics of a primitive 7th century Arab desert tribe. The primitive 7th century desert Arabs committed stoning, muslims also do. They allowed slavery, muslims also do. They had seks with children, muslims are also allowed to. They had have forced marriages, muslims also do. They committed circumcision, muslims also do. They had honour killings, muslims also do. They beat woman, muslims also do. By no means I can see in these behaviours the judgement, the wish, of a gyga hyper intelligent all-knowing almighty god.

There is something very wrong with Allah’s message. It’s an utterly empty message. It’s about headscarves or burkas. It’s about fasting at day to overeat at night. It’s about sacrificing animals. It’s about pilgrimage. And it doesn’t give any solution for humans worst problems like war, unemployment, diseases, poverty, starvation, and so on. But if you follow this empty message you’ll end up in paradise wearing silky clothes, drinking from golden cups, and having lots of sex. Islam is pure polytheism. If it isn’t than explain why a real god would let people honor dead objects like a stone, let them do pilgrimage to walk around a cube, wanting them to throw stones at a supposed Satan, letting them pray in a certain direction and at certain times, let them offering animals, and give mystical value to astronomical appearances like sun-eclipses and shooting stars, and so on. Face it, this is pure polytheism.

If islam is the true religion it would be self-proving. The ones who believe in Allah should be the richest and healthiest and oldest people in the world. They should win every sporting contest. The reality is completely the opposite. Where the people are the most fanatic in islam Allah seems to have totally have left mankind. Look at Afghanistan. And where the people don’t follow Allah at all the people are healthy riche and get old. Is this the promise of Allah?

Islam totally lacks a logical basis. Islam is about a god called Allah who wants people to be islamic. Even though he can effortless make that happen himself, he doesn’t. No, he chooses for some mysterious reason to send his important islamic message via an instruction book to an messenger who must spread the ideas. And everybody who doesn’t believe that messenger will burn in hell forever. This doesn’t make sense. Because of this hellish punishment you should think we’re dealing with an important matter to Allah. But that can’t be true since Allah can effortless make people islamic himself. So why should the punishment for such an easy matter for Allah be so severe? Allah here looks like a boss who has the sugar-bowl right in front of his nose and demands an employee to put sugar in his coffee. And if he doesn’t he’ll throw him in the oven. Forever! Does this sound fair to you?

Muhammad put into law regulations that he hoped would rid Arabia of slavery. Contrast that with the rapes of Sally Hemmings by Thomas Jefferson and his KEEPING HIS OFFSPRING AS SLAVES! The same goes for ALL "founding fathers" accept John Adams and the best of them, Thomas Paine. Do u condemn those men I mentioned as well as Abe Lincoln whos words you can read? I doubt it. I know ur kind! I am black and 50 years old! I have seen ur kind justify lynchings on the account that a black "sassed" you.

You just made it up, altaqiya, that Muhammad wanted to rid Arabia of slavery. You do not have one hadith to back that up. Besides that, the quran also permits slavery. So… And if Muhammad wanted to get rid of slavery than that would have happened since he demanded and got a 100% obedience. Even today muslims are following his examples without the slightest criticism. It’s even so that there’s a deathpenalty on disagreeing with anything of Muhammad’s words or deeds. So if there ever was a change to get rid of slavery Muhammad had it. But the reality is just the opposite. In Sahih Bukhari 3:47:765 one of Muhammad’s many wives tells she has manumitted a slave. Muhammad responded with disagreement. There are more hadith with similar content. And did you know by the way that stoning, the islamic punishment for fornication, is not to be implemented for slaves? That’s logical since the master would be destroying his property. Sure Allah takes care for the master.

Long before the European slavetrade muslims enslaved Europeans. This is something you wont find in your islamic self-pity books. The Spaniards, of which many were enslaved, fought a war of 750 years to get the muslims, who had conquered their country, out of their country. From the moment that war was won in 1492 muslims started piracy in the Mediterranean Sea and on the Atlantic ocean. There was no one save from them. Even from the coasts of Iceland and Ireland they took slaves! So long before the European slave trade Europeans were enslaved. And Africans and Hindus in India suffered the same faith. So muslims should shut up when pointing to others! A world without Muslims would mean peach on earth. No more hatred and murder between Sunnis and Shiites. No more suicide bombers blowing up schoolchildren. No more western prisons overpopulated by stealing robbing gangraping muslims.

I have asked you to address the 400 years of hell Christians subjected blacks to. You have done what I knew you would and ignored the request. You will not get away with claiming you hate war and being a supporter of a nation that has indulged and instigated more wars than any other nation! Next, if Muslims were terrorists in large numbers, the world as you know it would not continue since almost a third of the world's population are Muslim. Even if you are an atheist, you cannot go without condemning america and stay credible.

I do not have to address to anything that happened because of a religion that is not mine. Next thing you may ask me to is to address wifeburning in Hinduism or the suicide pilots of Zen Buddhism. You are constantly defending islam by bringing up rotten examples of others as if two wrongs will make a right. If islam was truly from god you wouldn’t have to compare and justify it with examples of the fake religions. Islam would stand on a level of it’s own.

There is not a country on earth were people love Allah so much, and are following islam so much to the letter, as in Afghanistan. So Afghanistan proves that islam is nothing more than the ethics and economical ideas of a primitive 7th century Arab desert tribe. That’s why that country completely fails on all levels in the 21 century. But that failure wont open the eyes of the muslims there. O no, they respond by taking even more of the poison that makes them sick. That’s why they sunk so low. As a rule of thumb you can say that the more a country is islamic the more it resembles Afghanistan. Spain once was islamic but is not anymore and it became a prosperous country. Unlike for example Morocco Algiers Tunisia Libya and Egyptian which still are islamic. Of the whole middle-east Israel is the only place which muslims have lost and the only prosperous country. Face it, islam has proven to be disastrous for every country it took.

The only reason islam stood the test of time is that you can’t leave it nor criticize it. There never will be a debate. The muslims in Afghanistan will never blame their horrible state on islam but on outside forces since islam is perfect. But it is crazy that Allah doesn’t not even reward the pious people there a little bid. Maybe they are doing something wrong but at least they are trying. Truly, I can’t understand where muslims are bragging about.

Here I thought REASONINFUSION had given up since he didn't respond for a few days. But he came back!

Oh. you mean the "Spaniards" who threatened to kill Jews if they did not convert? You mean the "spaniards who bank rolled the Sadistic Chris Columbus? And by "Muslims", you mean those people who brought the white European out the dark ages that resulted from the "cutting edge" Catholic church? And u will not get away with your being white! I am afraid you will have to have some knowledge with me. The whole, "Europeans were slaves" crap will not fly lol. Those in the US were indentured servants!

If you had opened your history books a little further you would have known that the Jews collaborated with the muslims against the Spaniards while it was occupied by the muslims. So the Spaniards had a reason to distrust and dislike the Jews. This is unlike the muslim dislike for Jews which is an everlasting order from their holy books. It's muslim propaganda that muslims brought the Europeans out the dark ages. The opposite is true! It’s more so that the islam was the cause of the dark ages. The Spaniards have been known for cruelties and starting the slave trade to America. Maybe it's not so strange that after 750 years being occupied by muslims they had taken the habits of their rulers. Muslims made enslaved them and made them very acquainted with slavery.

The dark ages I’ve always seen as synonymous with the Spanish inquisition. It came even here in Holland after the Spain had conquered it. The Spanish inquisition is nothing more than a direct copy of the sharia courts they got acquainted with during the 750 years muslim occupation. The Spaniards took the habits of their rulers. It’s not coincidental that muslims habits in Spain arose. You said slavery was un-European before the slave trade to America started. That's true, although the Vikings were slave traders and catchers to. Their slave trade was mostly with muslimcountries where was a big appetite for white woman. The Vikings quit that habbit after being Christianised at the beginning of the second millennium.

So islam was the cause of the European dark ages. Without it there wouldn’t have been an inquisition and all the darkness and cruelties surrounding it. And probably there would not have been slave trade to America after the Spaniards discovered it. Islam was indirect the cause for European slave trade!

I am waiting for you to condemn your "founding fathers" and every president you have had!

I said that slavery is inhuman and that says it all! But as I predicted that’s not something you would say! And I was right. You make a lot of noise on youtube about slavery but you condone it! The people who watch your videos have no idea that slavery has your approval because your religion does. You hide that fact! Well, it’s not something to be proud of or is it? But that makes you a dishonest person. In realty you don’t gave a dam about slavery, you’re only here to promote the Islamic agenda. Promoting islam means above all attacking others. You are constantly trying to make islam look good by comparing it with garbage of others. Like a murderer justifying himself with that Ted Bundy was a murderer to. I’m sure that in none of your videos you’ve ever mentioned that you condone slavery. You hide that fact because no one would take you serious anymore. It’s even so that promoting islam means promoting slavery. That’s what you do with your videos!

You still have not addressed my questions! 1200 years AFTER Muhammad, what was Thom Jefferson doing when he was not sneaking down to the slave quarters to "father" another child he would keep as a slave? when Ben Franklin was not whore jumping what was he doing? 12,000 years AFTER Muhammad, 15,000 white people pulled up lawn chairs to see a black man get burned alive only 2 riot over the burned remains that sold for as much as $10 according to the Associated press.

I’m not American so I don’t have anything to do with your founding fathers. The reason of why you keep insisting to talk about them is because of your holy book the quran. A guy named Bill Warner, he is on youtube, made a statistical analyses of the content of the quran. Warners findings are that 64% of the quran content is about the unbelievers, the non-muslims. That makes it clear why the Arab muslims for the defence of islam talk so much about the Jews and Christians. And the black muslims about the whites and the Christians. And the Pakistan area muslims about the Hindus and Buddhists. To me it just proves how empty the islamic message really is.

By 1641 it was understood that poor white trash, would be given rights that kept theme from cooperating with blacks, which is why the dumbest voters in the world are working whites who vote republican cause they think the Democratic party is for blacks! Next, any white who came even close to being a "slave" was such as a result of war or debt, not skin color. That was created by your people. Study please, I am a heavy weight.

Believe it or not but Muhammad Ali is my alltime favourite sportsman. And he always will be! I believe he did al lot of good in the black and white thing in America. But him becoming a muslim was a mistake. Ali had a strong feeling for what is right and wrong. The blackmuslims misused that and knew exactly what he wanted to hear. They manipulated him in the believe that islam is the religion for the Blackman. So he changed his slave holders name Cassius Clay into Muhammad Ali. A name change like that is like a Jew who changes his name into Adolf. I’ve noticed many times that as soon people convert to islam they start calling others ignorant. But never their new found religion becomes in question since they are always on the attack. And the otherside is on the defence. This is a constant pattern. Mostly it are black muslims I hear complain about America. But I’m sure that every black in America has the right to leave that country. But no one does… On the other hand if the Africans could, most of them would step in the plane to America tomorrow. I’m not a black but I’m 100% sure that I’d rather be a black in the deep south than a woman in Saudi Arabia. Or any other muslimcountry for that matter!

I have seen too many of your old men searching for young black girls, Your white women doing whatever they could do to get black penis, and your white youth killing themselves out of fear that they unlike their parents, will actually have to "earn" something in today's world. I am a Muslim and black. I do not care for Arab nationalism, but whites are my least favorite by miles.
I did not have to convert to Islam to call people ignorant. Since I was a philosophy major at 17 in college and the product of parents who also were very educated, I knew your kind were savage long before I converted. It is a "constant pattern" that whites who have indulged in the most vile sex acts, mind numbing crimes and most wars find the time to condemn others. Perhaps you have overlooked something: If your view ever held power, it no longer does. I, for one do not care what you say since.
You saying Ali became a Muslim by mistake means nothing to me! In my opinion he befriends whites "by mistake". Now that is a fast way to lose focus of how screwed up people like you are.

Damn! I saw that REASONINFUSION after his last response here above had removed our discussion from youtube. And even worse I’ve found out that after I’ve written my last response that he has banned me! So I can’t even respond. Well a friend of mine on FFI did send him this below. And he also is making REASONINFUSION aware that our discussion is now open to read for everybody! REASONINFUSION decided that he had the last word, how wrong he is!:

By Blackmore di apr 10, 2012 6:52 pm
I see you removed our discussion. Well that doesn’t surprise me the least. Name just one Islamic country that doesn’t implement censorship. I believe in Saudi Arabia are more than 5000 western websites forbidden. It’s not exactly a sign of strength but sure it’s necessary for islam’s survival. It’s the best way to keep muslims ignorant of other thoughts.

REASONINFUSION, of course, as an educated man, you realised you didn’t do your job defending islam very well. It’s not exactly a commercial you made for islam. And it’s not something you want others to read. Difficult questions about islam, of which the answer is damaging to islam, is generally seen by muslims as blasphemy. I use to think that telling lies about islam is blasphemy, but telling the truth is I learned later on.

Anyway hiding the truth is very Islamic. It’s one of your religious dogmas. As far as I know islam is the only religion and political system that not only allows lying but sometimes even demands it. Of course you can deny this and lie about it. And now I’m thinking about it, isn’t lying a method of the Satan? Well at least he’s in good company if Allah uses it to.

I feel sorry for you REASONINFUSION. You’ve passed a line from where is no return. Like with the mafia, who call themselves man of honour, once you joined, you’re in it for life. You never can change your mind. So you better stick with islam. If you don’t a guy that’s today your best friend may kill you tomorrow. That’s how islam, aka the religion of peace, works.

It beats me why people, muslims, can’t see that Muhammad was just a warlord. He was a highway robber, a looter, a rapist, a murderer, a sexmaniac, a childmolester, and so on. REASONINFUSION if you feel that such a guy represents your norms and values best, than that says enough about who you are. Than it wouldn’t surprise me at all that you’ve build up a huge crime record. Lot’s of criminals feel attracted to islam and convert to islam, don’t they? And now remove this. Islam needs it!

That's it. Here you can reach REASONINFUSION: He's putting al lot of videos on YT where he's promoting the evil of islam, or better said, the religion of slave owners. May Allah be pleased with him!

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