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Blackmore Responds to REASON INFUSION x2

This is a follow-up to the earlier post: Blackmore Responds to REASON INFUSION

The following response was posted by Blackmore on the FFI forum. I have reproduced it here exactly as it is over there, but, for the sake of not confusing new readers, I have included a few additional inline links leading directly to the pages on IslamoCriticism which Blackmore is referencing.

REASONINFUSION, I hope you read this. And if you make a video response I’m fine with that.
ISLAMOCRITICISM has already refuted in great detail most of what REASONINFUSION said so I have hardly anything to add and make it a short response.
REASONINFUSION, you call me hypocritical. Muslims have made it a habit of accusing others harshly of things they are committing themselves excessively. For a someone who isn’t deep into the material, especially ignorant non-believers and muslims, it makes it look that muslims are clean of the things they accuses the others of. Let’s be real, if someone accuses another of being a murderer, the message is that they accuser is not a murderer. If he nevertheless turns out to be a murderer to than he shows to be a shameless hypocrite.
Last week on Dutch television was a muslim complaining about the terrible state of the country. One of the things he said that Holland was a free heaven for paedophiles. The message was that islam does not allow such thing. How low can you go? Sure the people who have never heard of Aisha fall in this trap. But it may make muslims wonder why they need a strategy of promoting islam by accusing others of things that islam permits. REASONINFUSION does this all the time!
REASONINFUSION doesn’t feel shame, to make islam look good, to make a big deal of western slavery which lasted only 300 years and was abandoned by it’s own insights. For sure it wasn’t abandoned because of pressure from the Islamic world. And in opposite, under western pressure, the last countries on earth to officially abandon slavery were the very Islamic Sudan and Mauritania. And that was in the last decades of the 20th century! But somehow, REASONINFUSION’s wrath still lays in the 300 years of western slavery which is long gone. While at the same time he doesn’t even mention the horrors Islamic slavery which will last forever. This just proves how little arguments there are to defend islam. To justify islam he has to resort to accusing the others, of something bad muslims permit themselves, while the others don’t do it anymore. On top of that he even has the guts and shamelessness to call the others hypocritical!
And than REASONINFUSION talks about censorship. He justifies the censorship goning on in Islamic countries, after I’d mention that Saudi Arabia blocks 5000 western websites, by that in the western world there is also censorship. Again he takes to make islam look examples of others of similar behaviour. But he does not come up with any example of what websites that may be. As far as I know only websites with paedophile content are here forbidden. I can’t think of anything else. We even allow websites where the norms and values of a primitive 7th century Arab desert tribe are promoted. But maybe REASONINFUSION can put a little more light on what websites he has in mind which are forbidden here but shouldn’t be…
And than REASONINFUSION talks about lying. That was in response to my remarke that Islam allows lying. Again, he justifies Islam, and it’s condoning of lying by religious law, by giving examples of others who lie. Even our governments lie to us he says. On that I agree! Although it’s not the subject I can come up with many examples of our leaders lying. George Bush and Tony Blair telling what a great and peaceful religion islam is comes to my mind.
In Sahih Muslim 15:4052 the following is said: “Allah's Messenger (may peace he upon him) said: He who took an oath and (later on) found something better than that should do that, and expiate for (breaking) his vow.” IMO the Syrian government is a good applicator of Muhammad’s words by constantly breaking the truce they agreed on. They have a lot of benefit on making a truce and even more on breaking it. I’m sure REASONINFUSION agrees with this godly Islamic tactic of breaking oaths set by Muhammad.
I wonder has it ever occurred to REASONINFUSION that there is a change that he may have been lied to also. By people that made him convert to islam I mean. He seems to be very impressed with the line of Muhammad: "there is NO ARAB BETTER THAN A BLACK AND NO BLACK BETTER THAN AN ARAB"
REASONINFUSION said about it:
it should be obvious that any saying attributed to him saying other wise must be highly questioned!
Well this line turned out to be a proven fabrication. Muhammad never said such thing! But according to REASONINFUSION any saying attributed to Muhammad saying otherwise must be highly questioned. Well, as it turns out, we only have Muhammad saying things otherwise! This must give an indication that in REASONINFUSION’s view the official utterly discriminating content of islam is not that good. Why else did say that any saying attributed to Muhammad otherwise must be highly questioned? These things saying attributed to Muhammad otherwise is what is all that there is left for him...

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Anonymous said...

I know this is an old post but I have to say that I had a week long "debate" with this REASON INFUSION person on YouTube a couple years ago.

Never in my life have I heard such hate-filled rhetoric, racism, ignorance and blatant lies.

This person stated (repeatedly) that he believed that all white people should be boiled in oil and fed to pigs and openly condoned white genocide. He also cited an instance of cruel treatment of slaves in the U.S. that he later admitted he pulled from the fictional novel Roots (the cutting off od Toby's foot), stating that the claim was still valid because "that's just how slaves were treated" even though he was wholly unable to provide a single factual account of any similar act. Not only that but he attempted to convince me that the Burning Man festival was a bunch of white people that every year burned a black man alive then later cannibalized his charred remains, as if we don't all already know that this is not only not a real person but that the effigy is not even intended to represent a black person.

This guy is unbelievably dishonest, incredibly miseducated and as hate-filled and racist as they come. I truly would not be surprised if one day this "man" isn't charged with conspiring to commit an act of terrorism. Yes, he is TRULY that bad of a person!