Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Cyber Terrorist Dies of Asthma Attack; Conspiracy Theories and Neanderthal-Like Celebrations Begin

Al Arabiya News has reported that the Saudi hacker known simply as “Cyber Terrorist”, who had hacked numerous Jewish sites and the site of the Danish cartoonists who drew caricatures of Muhammad, died in Riyadh after suffering an apparent acute asthma attack.

What I found most interesting about this was not the news article itself, but the few comments left behind by its readers. Here we witness two distinct forms of crazies meet.

First we have the Neanderthal-like celebrations by what I assume are Zionists upset that someone would dare hack Jewish companies, which remind me of the sickening and animalistic celebrations by Americans upon hearing the news of Osama's death:

"good job eliminating this dangerous scourge of the planet" - Ron
"And these vandal think that they are invulnerable. Sleep with one eye open." - bennie
"God works in mysterious ways you get in life what you give. I guess he gave nothing." - jack
"What goes around comes around - a lesson to us all. He was arrogant and paid for it." - Justice for all
"How can that be a bad thing?" - Flanstein
"With a touch of Karma" - Lauren

Then we have what can only be described as the typical reaction by Muslims, who seem to have the knack for constructing elaborate fantasies around the most mundane of news:

"Asthma.......yeah....right." - jh749
"Was it really asthma?" - Me
"dear me , asthma means mossad or cia" - murad
"I do not believe in conspiracy theories but have no doubt his death was no Asthma; Saudi Intelligence needs to come clean on this mysterious death and who did it." - Parsi

Finally, we have the Muslims again, who commend a fellow Muslim and treat him as a religious martyr for what is basically digital terrorism against the "enemies of Allah". I noted previously how illegal activity in defense of Islam seems to be widely accepted as the natural thing for them, as good Muslims, to participate in:

"unto the almighty we belong and unto hi we shall return" - Ashraf Khan
"RIP at least he fought for a good cause and was not a villain" - Sam

From Al Arabiya:

A Saudi hacker known just as “Cyber Terrorist” died in Riyadh after suffering an apparent acute asthma attack caused by the dust storm that hit the Saudi capital last week, UAE’s al- Bayan newspaper reported on Saturday.
The 28-year-old hacker was known for penetrating the most well protected sites including Microsoft, Kaspersky, Milworm, besides the server of another hacker known as the king of hackers Kevin Mitnick. In addition to numerous Jewish sites, banks and major companies, he was also able to hack into the site of the Danish cartoonists who drew caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
A colleague and fellow hacker mourned his friend’s passing and described him as a person who allocated his time in defending Islam and the Prophet. He said the friend specialized in hacking the hackers and even got the attention of U.S., Israeli and British media, who wrote about him.
 “One company had shown interest in working with him for a large sum of money but he rejected the offer because it came from a Jewish company,” he said.
Earlier in the year, a Saudi hacker by the name of OxOmar was allegedly responsible for the hacking of Israel’s national airline as well as its stock exchange. He is also believed to have posted details of thousands of Israeli credit card holders after hacking into the bank’s account. 

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