Saturday, 12 May 2012

WikiIslam a Redo: Atheist Blogger Doubting Marcus Apologizes, Retracts Criticism of WikiIslam

I have the utmost respect for Doubting Marcus. Unlike some religious folk, especially Muslims, his views are honest and therefore do not remain static. He has the humility and integrity to admit where he goes wrong.

Unfortunately, this has led to some dishonest Muslim websites and their racist and genocidal editors in 2012 using a post made by him on July 5, 2011, to attack WikiIslam (Marcus is not alone, they are also using, in these cases, very dishonest posts by the KnightsWiki blog and al-Qãhırıï, both of which have been decisively refuted on this blog).

What they conveniently fail to tell you is that Marcus publicly apologized to the editors of WikiIslam and humbly retracted his criticism of the site in a post made by him on December 17, 2011.

Mistakes Were Made By Me: Errata and Apologies
*Sorry for the length but I didn’t want to hide my errors behind a ‘read more’ link

A lot can and has changed in the past year and as my recent post about the Horsemen would suggest I probably wouldn’t post some videos and quotes by them today. However changing one’s mind as the evidence comes in isn’t an error unless you made a premature or incorrect declaration before you gathered that evidence. which I have on multiple occasions so the following is a short list of mistakes I’ve made in the past year.
The Wiki Islam Fiasco
I pointed out Wiki Islam as a potential resource then I later retracted that semi-endorsement because I noticed some material on their site I thought indicated heavy bias against Islam. There was, among other things, a subsection on the “Lying in Islam” page with quotes from Hitler and Goebbels on lying and a post in which one scholar was used to present a controversial topic on all sides. I didn’t realize then how hard it might be to monitor the content of a small wiki and after being contacted by a representative of the site [Ed: this was not me, i.e. Islamocritic] I pointed out the offending material and he immediately agreed that the Hitler material was offensive and removed it. However by the time I followed up again to further explain the other problems much had changed on the site and the other articles were no longer present. Honestly he was one of the nicest people I’ve had an exchange with and though I’m unsure if I would outright endorse the site, I certainly wouldn’t condemn it today. I should have communicated with them before making the damning statements and for that I apologize.