Tuesday, 27 March 2012

MuslimWiki, NarSakSasLee and Jagged 85: The Insanity behind Pro-Islamic Propaganda

Have you ever heard complaints about Wikipedia's pro-Islam bias? If you're reading this, then the chances are you have. Many people have commented on this problem at Wikipedia (e.g. here, here, here, here and here).

Now try imagining how ridiculous a Muslim user's edits would have to be before Wikipedia finally decided to take action against them by deleting all of their contributions to the site. Too hard to imagine? Well, fear not, MuslimWiki, that bastion of neutrality, with the help of its genocidal and racist editors, is about to remind us.

Jagged 85

The now infamous Wikipedia user Jagged 85 was a Muslim editor who contributed to 8,115 separate Wikipedia articles with over 67,000 edits until being caught in 2010. Focusing efforts on improving the image of Islam and downplaying the achievements of the Western world (particularly in regards to the history of science, technology, and the so-called Islamic "Golden Age"), for 5 years he/she was left largely unhindered, misrepresenting sources in all kinds of ways, misrepresentations which were then reproduced all over the net by other sites which use Wikipedia as a source.

He was the main contributor to the many inaccurate Islam/Science/Golden Age articles which are still being copied and pasted all over the Internet by Muslims, and more than 20% of Wikipedia's "Timeline of historic inventions" was provided by him. Some of the problems identified by Wikipedia users included:

  • Misrepresenting a source by quoting material utterly out of context 
  • Reporting that a source supports a claim that it simply does not and sometimes explicitly does not
  • Claiming that a certain figure invented something or was the first to do something, when the cited source simply says that they made or did that thing, without any suggestion that they were the first to do so
  • Taking a passing comment about some connection to a modern theory and claiming that the Islamic thinker being discussed invented that theory or is an important forefather of that theory
  • Reporting only one point from a source, even if a minor one, and ignoring the contrary position it reports, even if that is the majority position
  • Rather than withdraw a claim, if it is pointed out that the cited source does not support the claim, finding a source of any quality to use instead, even when that may be of much lower quality than the original source, which made the opposite claim
  • Inventing claims and citing sources connected with the issue but which simply do not support those claims
  • Using questionable, inappropriate and unreliable sources
  • Using exceptionally poor sources for exceptional claims


Long time "Japanese" Wikipedia user NarSakSasLee a.k.a. IslamicWarrior has recently created a new user account for himself. More accurately, he's created several, but we shall be focusing on just the one, i.e. ChainedButFree. It is obviously him; if you look at his user sandbox, you will notice him working on the "Islam in Japan" article which was eventually imported to MuslimWiki under his IslamicWarrior user account.

He has recently got in contact with his apparent role-model Jagged 85 in order to recruit him for work at MuslimWiki. Jagged 85 gracefully declined but, after accusing Wikipedia of "racism", kindly offered him access to all of his deleted edits. ChainedButFree graciously accepted, assuring Jagged 85 that his "work wasn't in vain".

If you read some of ChainedButFree's comments, you'll be shocked at the hypocrisy, overt racism, hope for genocide against "whites" and paranoia they display:

Obviously I can't go up against systematic racists and racism (I have a hunch that that committee, at least one of the members belonged to that WikiIslam website that just paints Muslims so horribly and badly otherwise it wouldn't even be there). I can't stand racism Whites really need to sort out this ugly trait they have between themselves. I mean with parts of the Muslim world rising economically and former enslaved colonies getting much stronger (China, India, Malaysia and Indonesia) it won't be long before Whites are made the scapegoats. And who will care? No one that's for sure. They're just Whites. And its just racism at the end of the day. I mean they do have a long history of it. And yeah, join the project. That's what I'm going to be doing soon. I'll see you there. Until then take care.

Belonging to an ethnic minority myself, I'm acutely aware of how wide-spread racism still is among whites. But I'm not filled with the irrationality and hate displayed by NarSakSasLee, which would enable me to ignore the fact that racism is not unique to people who are "white". Try being part of an ethnic household living in a multicultural society. You will soon realize that racism is more prevalent among us than it is with the whites.

Ironically, Islam is the worst offender when it comes to religiously motivated racism and slavery,  and, what is the historical Muslim Conquests and modern-day jihad in order to implement Shari'ah, if not Islamic Imperialism?


Jagged 85 is now officially a member of the MuslimWiki team of fiction writers. Already he is hard at work importing his deleted Wikipedia stories, for example, his fictional account of the "Islamic Golden Age", "Islamic Contributions to Physics", and how he wished "Islamic Law" contributed to Western Law. IslamicWarrior has also imported a lot of Jagged 85's fictional work that was rejected by Wikipedia, including "Islamic Contributions to Science",  "Islamic Contributions to Medicine",  "Islamic Contributions to Surgery", and   "Islamic Contributions to Pharmacy".