Sunday, 20 May 2012

Anti-Muslim Terrorist Attacks Worshipers in Packed Saudi Mosque

Actually, it was a monkey. But considering the Qur'an tells us Allah turned Jews into apes, and the hadith tell us of monkeys that still practice old Jewish laws, some of the media in the Islamic world is probably reporting it as an attack by a Zionist agent.

If you think that's too far-fetched for the Islamic world, you'd be wrong. Last year in Pakistan, a monkey was arrested.... on suspicion of being an Indian spy.

From Emirates 24/7:

A packed Saudi mosque plunged into pandemonium after a money found its way inside and attacked worshippers just as they were about to kneel down for their daily prayers, a newspaper in the Gulf Kingdom said on Sunday.
Hundreds of people have converged on the mosque in the western town of Taif for their evening prayers and lined up behind the preacher when the monkey jumped into the lines and attacked them.
"They stopped their prayers to chase the monkey…after a few minutes, they failed to catch it and the monkey succeeded in fleeing outside the mosque,” Sabq daily said without mentioning where the monkey had come from.

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