Sunday, 27 May 2012

Moderate Malaysia: PAS Spiritual Leader says Prime Minister Must be a Muslim

He said this in the context of giving his approval to non-ethnic Malays becoming PM, provided they adhere to Islam. The fact that he would need to make such a declaration underscores how prevalent racism is in Muslim societies.

Apologists would have you believe Islam somehow magically removes racist tendencies, but in today's world, nowhere is racism more widely accepted than among Muslim majority nations.

For example; if you're a racist far-right bigot who wants to be cheered by thousands for calling President Obama an ape but don't want the mainstream media to hassle you, why not convert to Islam and fly to post "Arab Spring" Tunisia? Problem solved!

From Bernama:

The question of race need not be disputed for a person to become a prime minister provided he is a Muslim, said PAS Spiritual Leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat.
Nik Aziz said the leader must be from among Muslims because he would be heading the government and leading Muslims in the country.
"Okay to be non-Malay, so long as he is a Muslim. How to lead Muslims if he is not a Muslim? Will a democratic nation give the post to a communist?
"And in the same vein, will a Communist country accommodate a democratic leader? No such thing! A Communist country will be helmed by a Communist, a democratic country will be led by a democratic leader," he said.
"So, a Muslim nation must be led by a Muslim, regardless of race."
He said this to reporters after opening a Kelantan Pas Ulama Congress at the Labok Dewan Ulama Headquarters, here, today.
DAP chairman Karpal Singh, prior to this, was reported to have said that he would continue his fight to ensure a non-Malay could became a prime minister of the country on the basis that there was no law against it.

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