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REASONINFUSION keeps making a fuzz about that I don’t condemn slavery. By now I’ve already done that multiple times.

How often should I say that IMO (REASONINFUSION wont say such thing) slavery is inhuman. By that I condemn the Dutch the USA and who ever was involved in that. Somehow REASONINFUSION wants to hear that again and again, but also he doesn't hear it. On the otherside he wont make any statement against slavery. He won’t condemn it. Not a word from him about the black muslims that caught their own countryman to sell them to the white who brought them to the otherside of the ocean to spend a life in slavery. Not a word! But listen well, he also doesn't deny it! At least that's something!

REASONINFUSION has a story about 15.000 white people, in the 20th century, that saw a Blackman be burned to death. I want to ask him according to which law that burning was allowed...
This week a new video was released where former slave Simon Deng talks about the situation of slaves in Sudan:

It’s an awful story right? And it’s in the 21st century! And now I’m asking REASONINFUSION what he is gone do about it. Are you gone write about it? Or don’t you care? Or are you more interested in what happened in the past than in what happens today? Well I know the answer infront. Since today’s perpetrators of slavery are merely Arabs and black muslims, and not whites, it won’t be a subject of REASONINFUSION interest. In reality he doesn’t gives a damn about black victims. It’s merely politics what drives him, not justice! Just like he leaves the black Muslim slave catchers out of history, he wont mention today’s slave-owners. It’s impossible for him to condemn and forbid what Allah has allowed. Only when there are whites or non-muslims involved he’ll talk.

And again, it beats me how REASONINFUSION can justify the slavery of the last country on earth to abolish slavery, the very Islamic Mauritania, by the existences of the apartheids regime that was going on in South Africa. So because black people in South Africa where suppressed it was oke to suppress black people elsewhere to. That's what he is saying! Man don’t you have better arguments to defend Islam with?


REASONINFUSION you said that Jesus did not condemn slavery. I think you right on that. But also he didn’t promote it. This is unlike Muhammad who was a slave-owner and trader. I like to go on a little further on the subject of Jesus and Muhammad. Christians say that Jesus was without sin. Muslims say that all Muhammad’s examples are good. These are more or less the same claims. But nevertheless that, maybe these two man show the difference between Islam and Christianity.

From human perspective I can’t find any sin of Jesus. Even though I don’t believe that he was the son of god, I still can’t find a sin of Jesus. So IMO Jesus’ behaviour, 2000 years ago, was fully in accordance of today’s ethics about right or wrong, good and bad. I'm sure I'll be hearing from you REASONINFUSION if I have overlooked something.

And now let’s see if the same can be said of Muhammad’s examples who are supposed to be all good. Are they in accordance with today’s ethics about right or wrong? Well, Muhammad kept slaves. He was married to a six years old child which he f.cked at the age of nine. He allowed people to lie, even break oaths if something better turns up. He looted caravans. He married a seventeen years old girl, Safiya, the same day after he had murdered her husband parents brothers and sisters. He ordered many murders. And he even tortured a man by burning his eyes out to get a treasure. I’m not even started but I leave it at this. IMO, if you really believe that such person is god’s chosen one than you have a very low opinion about god.

I can understand that Muhammad’s examples were perfect in the eyes of a primitive 7th century desert tribe, but according to today’s norm and values they are awful. It doesn’t need any explanation why the claim that all Muhammad examples are good are not allowed to be questioned. You must accept that they are good! Submit to them. That’s’ also how the children in the Islamic schools are taught. And when they grow up they’ll teach their children in the same way. That’s what the religion demands of them. But anyway, REASONINFUSION can you defend the examples of Muhammad I have given? One of your religious dogmas is that all of Muhammad’s examples are good for all people of all times. Can you defend them all?

I said the European slavery lasted ONLY 300 years because it is not that much comparing to Islam’s slavery which is now lasting for 1400 years. And REASONINFUSION if you have it your way it will last forever right?


You are absolute right that I see myself morally superior to you REASONINFUSION. In matter of fact I see myself morally superior to all muslims. And that’s not so hard to explain. I already did that. You and other muslims don’t have any natural morals. Last week came in the news that in Egypt a imam, or whatever he was, said that Islam allows muslims to have seks with the corpse of their diseased wife. Now isn’t that good news? But let’s be real this is dirty and pervert. I don’t need an imam to allow me nor forbid me such thing. This goes against my norms and values. 99,9% of the people in the non-muslimworld will agree. And so you have 50 year old men married to four year old girls in Afghanistan. Slaves are being kept in Sudan and Saudi Arabia. In half of the Islamic world circumcision is practiced. Not to mention the forced marriages. The list is endless. And all these matters are fully in accordance with Islam and Islam decides what is good or bad, what the norms and values are. Well the mine are better! And I can defend them! Unlike a muslim who needs a book or imam to know what they are. And when he knows he can’t defend them.

It may come as a shock to you REASONINFUSION if I tell you that I've never kept slaves.

You complained about Arab nationalism. In my view Islam is, besides the habits norms values and ideas of a primitive Arab desert tribe, Arab nationalism and imperialism. All you muslims do is copy them. Muslims give the same punishments like the Arabs did for the same felonies: Beheading, amputating limps, do stoning, give whiplashes, have laws that protect rapists, do honour killings, beat woman. And like the Arabs muslims tolerate sex with children, have forced marriages, allow slavery, do circumcision, and so on. The list of the 7th century Arab habits and ideas you are following is endless. You even believe in their god! And to understand the book of their god you must learn Arabic. And you have to go to Mecca for pilgrimage. And you pray to Mecca. So don’t complain about Arab Nationalism, a muslims whole life is build around the Arabs. You should support Arab Nationalism!

REASONINFUSION asked me to show him one document of a westernized nation which says that no white man is better a black. Well that’s very easy. I think that I can speak for every western country when I say that their laws are for all people the same. Independently of what race you are, what seks you are, what your sexual prevalence is, what your religion is, what your political views are. Compare this with Islamic law where a woman is subhuman, where negroes are subhuman, where is stated that Jews should be killed, where non-muslims are dimmy’s, where homosexuals are killed, where only the Islamic religion is tolerated, where the only acceptable political views are Islamic views.

REASONINFUSION asked me to show him one document of a westernized nation which says that no white man is better a black. Off course we don’t have such documents. There is no beginning to name every race there is. It’s all in the line that the law is equal for every one!

Blackmore to REASON INFUSION: Additional Thoughts & Videos on Slavery

I’ve done some research about slavery by watching some videos about that subject on youtube. I present only a few of them here. And I also exclude videos about today’s slavery perpetrated by muslims. That's a subject on it's own.

The muslims played a huge part in slavery of Africans as we will see. The well-known professor in negro-history the late John Henrik Clark said this something black muslims don’t know and also don’t wanna know. He was right! You wont hear Elijah Muhammad Malcolm X Louis Farrakan or Muhammad Ali talk about this part of the history. No way! By presenting the Blackman as a victim they try to win the harts of the Blackman. And a soul for Islam! For that white evil, the devil, Islam is the answer! There are here some undeniable facts presented which even REASONINFUSION has to accept. Although it became pretty clear to me that REASONINFUSION only sees what he wants to see and hears what he wants to hear. He even tells us that slave-owner and catcher Muhammad wanted to abolish slavery. Even though there’s not one Islamic text he can back that up with. They piont exactly to the opposite. But oke, lets go:

In 1784 America was awakened to radical islam and jihad! Over 200 years ago we faced the same enemy we face to day, they were muslims that waged war upon ALL non believers of Islam! Look it up "The Barbary Wars" "The Barbary Pirates" "Thomas Jefferson and the Barbary Pirates"
Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it!

In this video is said that number of Africans who died because of Islamic slave trade may be as high as 112 million!

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