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My first response to this set of videos can be read here, and all previous responses from both I and Blackmore can be read here


REASONINFUSION you said that I’m highly critical of Islam. Sure that’s right. About Islam are so many astounding claims made, they just invite you to go look for the opposite. It's the bragging that does it. If I tell you that I'm the brightest person on earth than I can be sure you’ll challenge me on that rightaway. You’ll come up with absurd difficult questions of which the brightest person on earth is expected to be able to answer.

Let me tell you this, even if every Dutchman keeps slaves, commits incest with this daughters, beats his wife, has seks with his dog, steals, murders, robs, and so on, that still doesn’t justify muslims if they even do only 1% of these things. You claim to follow a perfect religion which at the same time is also a political system. These are perfect you say. So in a perfect society the things I just mentioned shouldn’t be there. And the history of such perfect people should also be exemplary. For sure it couldn't and shouldn't be compared with the Dutch slavery history.

The bragging about Islam is what it does challenge. One of the astounding claims is that all Muhammad’s examples are good. Here above I’ve given a few examples of which any sane person will judge that they are not good. Not even that, they are bad!

Another claim of greatness is that the Quran is without contradictions and mistakes. This why the Quran differentiates from other religious books and it’s prove the islam is for real muslims say. It makes Islam the real religion. The reality is that there’s a shocking amount of contradictions and mistakes:

And than you have the claim that the sharia is perfect. Well the perfection in Afghanistan is far to be found. Where the people love their god their most, work the hardest to follow their religion to the letter, Allah seems to have left them completely. There comes no single reward from above for their trying while at the same time elsewhere people, who don’t give a dam about Allah, get the reward the Afghans should expect.

That constant bragging about Islam is it’s undoing. Even Allah brags a lot. He claims to be merciful. But you'll end up in hell forever if you don't follow his instructions. Tell me what is so merciful in giving punishments that never ever stop? If everlasting hellish fire is the punishment of a merciful god than I wonder what the punishment of an unmerciful god must be.

Allah calls himself righteous. But to whom is he righteous, the cat or the mouse?

Allah claims there goes nothing against his will. So what’s the sin of the sinner if nothing goes against his will? And why need to threat with punishments?

Allah claims to be all-knowing. The consequence of that is every person that ends up in hell is born for hell. It's cruel and sadistic to bring people into this world of which he knowns that they will end up in hellfire forever.

If Islam is the true religion it would be self-proving. The ones who believe in Allah should be the richest and healthiest and oldest people in the world. They should win every sporting contest. The reality is completely the opposite. Where the people are the most fanatic in Islam Allah seems to have totally left mankind. If Islam is the true religion it would be self-proving and for sure it wouldn't depend on bragging about things that should be there but are obliviously not.


REASONINFUSION at the start of this video you said that the question was how can a blackman be a muslim in light of the Arab slave trade. Wrong! The question was how can a blackman be muslim in light of the Islamic slave trade?!

What you said about human trafficking here in Holland may be true. But I'm sorry for you, Muslims have a great deal in that. All over Europe muslims are overrated in crimes and especially in seksoffenses. And there’s a logic in that to. Muslim woman must remain virgin, so hands off, while the boys have all the sexualfreedom you can which for. That leaves them to non-muslim girls but they are a phobic for muslims as muslims for gays. And that leaves the boys only their hands as an alternative. Or worse… Just take a look at how exemplary muslims are here in Europe:

The same films can be made about cities here in Holland and other European countries!

That wife burning of Hindu woman is baloney. That’s from a long time ago. Why do you constantly defend Islam with bad things of others of the past? India was ruled hundreds of years by muslims who didn’t stop the widowburning. It was also ruled for 87 years by the English and they stopped it! And it’s only in the Islamic part of china where woman still have lotus feet. And circumcision these days is almost 100% a muslim thing.

And you brag about the many woman in England that convert to Islam. Well that will be the woman that according to Islam have defiance’s in their mind. That will be the kind of woman of which witness are two woman needed to equal that of one man.


REASONINFUSION starts again at the beginning of this video with the question how can a blackman be muslim in light of the Arab slave. Wrong again! The question was how can a blackman be muslim in light of the Islamic slave trade?!

I’ve always learned that ab means black and slave in Arabic.

I’m not going to respond anymore to remarks about Arab slave trade. The Arab traders all were muslims and did according to the religion nothing wrong. So it was muslim slave trade! Islamic slave trade! Is that so hard to speak out REASONINFUSION?

Blackmore to REASON INFUSION: Videos about Today’s Slavery of Africans & Women

I wonder if REASONINFUSION has ever written or made videos about today’s slavery. Is it as much a subject of his interest as the slavery perpetrated by the white hundreds of years ago is? Is he busy with justice or politics?

Well I have some videos about today’s slavery. There are hundreds of them on youtube. So I give only a small selection. In the first one (in 2 parts) among others the subject of slavery in Mauritania is discussed. And just like REASONINFUSION the muslims in this discussion start to talk about the Jews the American or whatever as soon as Islam is brought into the discussion.

Islam has rules about woman. And these rules are nothing less than slavery. A girl is her fathers possession till the days marries the man of her fathers choice. Refusal is suicide. And than she becomes her humans possession. From that day on she has to obey all of her husband’s demands. If this is not slavery than what is?

Here in Holland we have shelter houses for beaten woman fearing for their life. They are on the run for husband brother or father. Although muslims are a minority here, about 1 million of them on a total population of 16.5 million, the majority of woman in these shelters, about 70%, have an Islamic background. In the Islamic world it’s self are no such shelter houses. Just listen to what the prophet has to say: Narrated Umar Ibn Al-Khattab: The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: A man will not be asked as to why he beat his wife. Abu Dawud 11:2139-2142

About the half of mankind are woman. That means that of the supposed 1.5 billion muslims 750 billion of them live in slavery. Nevertheless that all the Islamic countries see themselves as a woman’s paradise. One the paradises that stands most out is Afghanistan. See what happens there to unwilling slaves women.

So according to me the Islamic rules women have to obey make them slaves. I wonder what REASONINFUSION has to say about it...

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