Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Allahu Akbar: Faith Freedom International Dutch Forum Hacked by Cyber-Jihadists

Nothing really surprising here. A temporary forum for Dutch FFIers has been opened here.

From the FFI Forum (English):

To the admins, some cyberjihadi decided to collect his 72 virgins and blow up the dutch forum of faithfreedom.org. You can find the forum here:
The forum was hacked about a week ago, and has not been restored as of yet.Please consult with Ariel prior to chasing us refugee infidels back to our homeland. The thread is intended to stay open and used until our forum is back up. Which is expected to occur within a week or so. I hope you allow us to conduct our infidelic business in our native tongue in the mean time.
Nederlandse & Vlaamse leden,
laat wat van je horen!

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