Wednesday, 9 May 2012

TheRationalizer: Translation Help Needed

I came across this message today. TheRationalizer is someone who has been instrumental in refuting the various false claims of "Western scientists find scientific miracles in the Qur'an" .

From the FFI Forum:

Hi all
Many of you have probably seen the videos with titles such as "Western scientists confirm miraculous nature of Quran" - where scientists appear to be commenting on how there is information in the Quran which could not possibly be in there except via divine revelation.
I've tracked down a number of these scientists and so far had 4 agree to be interviewed on the subject. You can see the interviews here - I have spent time writing up English subtitles for these videos (the first 3 anyway), and what I really need is to find volunteers to translate these subtitles into other languages. No special software is required, you should be able to use Notepad in Windows.
If you can help then please email ThisIsTheTruthUncut - add an @ to the end of that, followed by a dot and the word COM
Thank you.

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