Friday, 22 June 2012

Newly Discovered: GlobalInfidel.TV (I would normally provide a disclaimer here, but I joined the site about a week ago and highly recommend it

In the summer of 2010 I began production on a documentary called "Not Welcome" about the backlash against construction of a 53,000 square foot mega mosque in Murfreesboro, TN. I took the position that Islam was just another religion, that this conflict was nothing more than political opportunism, with Evangelicals trying to maintain the home turf advantage in their small town. Eventually I came to discover I was wrong about this - very wrong.
For more on how and why I did an about face and came to see Islam as both a human rights disaster and greatest threat to national security today, read my article "The High Price of Telling the Truth About Islam".
Here is the 25 minute short version of that documentary: (link)
Later I returned the money to my backers and ended up becoming committed to the struggle for human rights and liberty known as "Counter Jihad".
So why don't I just take this video down, now that I have "seen the light"? I keep it up as a cautionary tale, as a reminder that when the fight against the inhumanity of Islam becomes a religious crusade, nothing gets accomplished. If we really care about human rights, and that is where we find commonality, then that is where our focus should be. When we work together to expose the sadistic and brutal totalitarian threat that is Islam, then and only then will we get our message across.
I have created this site as free resource to anyone who is wanting to know more about the human rights abuses in Islam. Again, I feel strongly that part of why the Counter Jihad movement has not been as successful as it can be in, educating the general public about the dangers of Islam, has a lot to do with the debate becoming a politically partisan issue or a religious issue. If we care about our national security, liberty and human rights, then we must stop allowing this cause to be hijacked by other special interests.
Remember, Counter Jihad is about Liberty and Human Rights. Islam and liberty cannot coexist. Islam and free speech cannot coexist. Islam and women's rights, gay rights, human rights, cannot coexist. Th enemy of Islam is information - spread it!
Eric Allen Bell
Global Infidel TV

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