Friday, 1 June 2012

Muslim Insanity: Woman Arrested... After Trying to File Complaint Against Husband for Beating Her

This reminds me of a previous incident in Dubai, where a teenaged Moroccan rape victim who called police for help was arrested and charged with being a prostitute.

Why would Kuwaiti police be interested in a man who is only following what the Qur'an tells him? Maybe he feared "disloyalty and ill-conduct" [Qur'an 4:34] and had to take this "necessary" action?

From The Arab Times:

An Egyptian woman who went to file a complaint against her husband, ended up behind bars, reports Al-Shahed daily.
The woman went to a police station to complain about her husband who was maltreating her and beating her for no reason. When the investigating officer asked the woman for the marriage contract she said she does not have one.
She added she got married to the man through ‘urfi’ (Urfi is a kind of Muslim marriage similar to the nikah ceremony but without an official contract. Couples repeat the words, ‘We got married’ and pledge commitment before God. Usually a paper, stating that the two are married, is written and two witnesses sign it) which is considered ‘illegal’ in Kuwait.
It is said most Muslim countries do not recognize urfi marriages and no partner can get a ‘legal’ divorce.

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