Sunday, 22 July 2012

Tidiane N'Diaye: The Veiled Genocide (The Islamic Slave Trade of Black Africans)

For more books on the Islamic slave trade, see Books on Slavery. To contribute and keep yourself up-to-date on the fight against modern-day slavery (widely ignored by "human-rights activists" because Muslims remain the main perpetrators of this trade), visit

Video Description:

Any black African Who Refused to Become Muslim was Deported as a Slave to Muslim World
17 million black Africans who refused to convert to Islam were deported to the Muslim world as slaves. The history of this trading of humans is still a taboo subject. Tidiane N'Diaye breaks the silence in his book 'The Veiled Genocide'. And the worst part is that most of the enslaved were castrated and sadly, weren't allowed to have any children. The Islamic slave trade of black Africans lasted over 13 centuries.

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