Wednesday, 25 July 2012

A Trend Away from Islam in Indonesia; 2 Million Indonesian Muslim Apostates Every Year

It is now no secret that "moderate" Indonesia is not quite so moderate. But as the so-called "extremists" get louder and more violent, the tide seems to be turning. There is taking place a quiet trend away from Islam. Apparently 2 Million Indonesian Muslims are leaving Islam for Christianity every year. This isn't Christian missionary propaganda. These figures are from an Islamic organization (see video below).

From the FFI Forum:

It has been obvious for quite some time that Islam in Indonesia is somewhat on the decline...
In a country where some 90% of the population is Muslim, only 15% vote for the main Islamic parties, that is down from 29% in 2009.
It is obvious that political Islam in Indonesia is rapidly becoming a marginal issue in local politics. The Bali bombings had something to do with this effect, as did various political scandals involving Muslim ministers.
details here
So the vast majority of Indonesian Muslims want a secular government, one where religion and government are kept apart.
On a personal level, we read that there are also each year about 2 million Indonesians who leave Islam, some for other religions, often Christianity, others for none. If this trend continues, then Islam as a "religion" will also decline over the years, though the figure given on the article on the main site, 2030, may be a little premature.
The Islam in everyday Indonesia is quite different from that found in Arabic countries. People quite deliberately nurture a culture of "not knowing" about Islam, and to most folk it is a case of fasting and saying prayers, not eating pork, and not asking questions. Very few will even know the Qur'an. Increasingly, amongst the young, with the Internet, this blissful ignorance gets destroyed. While Malaysia bans a lot of sites about Islam, Indonesia does not.
So, is the writing on the wall?
Why is Indonesia bucking the trend?

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