Tuesday, 13 March 2012

KnightsWiki's Pro-Islam Hypocrisy

This is an update to the earlier post: WikiIslam < MuslimWiki < KnightsWiki

 It is hard to believe that the following behaviour that I am going to describe to you is from the webmaster of a wiki that claims it is an "information resource created for and by faculty, students, and staff at the University of Central Florida."

After posting the WikiIslam < MuslimWiki < KnightsWiki article, written in response to the article written by  the KnightsWiki webmaster, I submitted the following comment to the KnightsWiki Blog:
"Sorry for the multiple posts. The software would not allow me to post more than 1 short comment, so I replied on my blog:  
If you have comments, please post them here on your blog where I originally intended to post those comments."
Within a few minutes it had disappeared. Giving the opinionated webmaster the benefit of the doubt, I promptly retyped and resubmitted my comment, and....

Yes, you've guessed it; within another few minutes my second post had also vanished.

This is the holier-than-thou wiki webmaster who proudly admits to attempts at vandalizing someone else's wiki and proclaimed:
"it is not the goal of the webmaster to serve as a dictator, controlling what can and cannot be posted (besides, perhaps, moving (not deleting!) questionable (mis)information into the discussion sections whose fate shall to be decided upon by consensus of the editors)."
"one of the best offerings of a wiki is the ability to present both sides of an argument"
 "I love Criticism sections, and I'm sceptical of any article that lacks one."
"the clever sceptic can educate themselves with both sides of Islam"
Apparently the KnightsWiki webmaster only endorses "balanced" perspectives, discussions and criticism sections for "the clever sceptic " if the referenced facts presented by an article or site does not agree with his own uneducated biased opinions.

Three cheers for KnightsWiki and the high standards of higher education in Florida.